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Female Arrested For Biting And Punching Her Boyfriend


Vernal, Ut.— On Sunday, March 27th, 2024, Cpl Randall responded to 1350 West 150 North regarding a domestic dispute.

The victim disclosed to the officer that multiple domestic violence incidents occurred between him and his fiance, 34-year-old Odell Shine Black.

Cpl Randall asked the male victim what happened, and he stated," Which time?" The officer told him to tell him about everything.

The victim stated on 3/26/24, Odell was drunk, and they began to argue when Odell started striking him with a closed fist. He said he put his hands up to defend himself. The victim stated he then pushed Odell away from him to protect himself.

The victim said Odell fell into the closet, and after she stood up, the victim tried to leave the bedroom. Odell then punched him in the back at the base of the neck with a closed fist. She then grabbed the victim and bit him on the left shoulder. Cpl Randall observed teeth marks on the victim's shoulder. The bite mark was red, and the bruise was starting to appear.

The victim stated Odell began striking him again. He then grabbed her arm and fell to stop her from hitting him. Odell was on top of him, trying to hit him again. When they fell into the hallway, the victim's family witnessed the altercation.

Cpl Randall spoke with the victim's family and asked what had happened. They stated they were in the next room when they heard a loud noise. When exiting the room to investigate the noise, they saw Odell on top of the victim. They pulled Odell off the victim, but when they did this, she jumped back onto him.

The witnesses got the victim, and Odell separated again, and they told the officer they could hear Odell yelling at the victim and what sounded like someone getting hit.

One of the witnesses stated on the 26th, they went to Walmart, and when he returned, he saw the victim lying on the floor on his back with Odell on top of him, trying to punch him, but he was blocking some of the shots. After the witness separated the two, Odell attempted to attack the victim again. After separating them again, the witness stated Odell was chomping her teeth together.

Cpl Randall went to the hospital to speak with Odell about what had happened. Due to her being in custody, she was advised of her rights per Miranda. She was asked about biting the victim, and she stated she didn't bite anyone. Odell said the bite marks on the victim's left shoulder were from them having sexual intercourse.

Cpl Randall determined there was probable cause that Odell committed the assault by using unlawful force with the intention to cause injury by biting the victim on the left shoulder.

Odell Black was booked into the Uintah County Jail for one count of assault and one count of unlawful detention.


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