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During a domestic assault, a man gets hit over the head with a metal water bottle


Tabiona, Ut. At 1:00 am on December 22nd, 2023, a female complainant reported that her husband's brother, 22-year-old Kolby Deshawn Sherman, showed up at their residence to visit.

The complainant indicated that she and her husband had concerns about the vehicle Kolby was driving due to past experiences and statements Kolby has made. The female stated when her husband tried to address the possibility that the vehicle was stolen, Kolby assaulted her husband by grabbing him by the throat and choking him so he couldn't breathe.

Kolby continued to hit the husband over the head with a metal water bottle. Kolby then left the scene in the vehicle they believed was stolen and took the complainants husbands phone with him.

Deputy Woodhouse arrived on the scene, interviewed the victim, and found that his injuries were consistent with the story he provided. The victim said he had entered the vehicle with Kolby to inquire about the friend from whom he supposedly borrowed the vehicle.

The victim stated that his brother Kolby became angry when he asked about the vehicle. Kolby grabbed his brother by the throat with such force that he couldn't breathe. The victim began to fight back to escape Kolby. The victim stated during the altercation, they exchanged punches, and Kolby grabbed a metal water bottle/cup and hit the victim in the head multiple times.

The victim stated when he was finally able to get the cup away from Kolby, he grabbed a windshield scraper and started to stab the scraper into the victim's body. The victim got out of Kolby's vehicle, but Kolby followed.

The victim stated that he subdued Kolby on the ground in the parking lot of the school. The victim said that is when a 3rd party intervened, asking what was going on.

Kolby was not on scene for Deputy Woodhouse to speak with to get his side of the story. After the investigation, the Deputy determined that Kolby had driven West through Wolf Creek. The victim attempted to track his phone, indicating that it had traveled the same path but had lost service or had been turned off. In Kamas, Utah, Kolby entered a gas station where he contacted emergency personnel and was taken to the Park City Hospital.

Deputy Woodhouse contacted the Park City Police Department and discovered that Kolby wasn't talking with the officers. Woodhouse also found out that Kolby was being uncompliant with their questions regarding the vehicle or how he got his injuries. After further investigation, Kolby told the Park City Police that he had been in a fight with his brother and that his brother had pulled a gun on him and placed the gun to his head.

Kolby's story didn't make sense to the Park City Police, and according to them, his story was very erratic and bounced around.

When Deputy Woodhouse arrived at the hospital to speak with Kolby, he immediately began demanding to see a warrant or some kind of paperwork showing the reason the Deputy was there. After the Deputy decided he wouldn't be successful in talking and getting Kolby's side of the story. The Deputy already had a lot of evidence that Kolby was the primary aggressor in this situation and that he left with the victim's phone.

Due to this evidence, Deputy Woodhouse told Kolby he was under arrest and to put his hands behind his back. Kolby refused to do so many times until he was told he would be forced to do so. Kolby continued to refuse and was physically and forcefully taken into custody. Kolby continued to fight with officers as they restrained him.

When arriving at the jail, Deputy Woodhouse read Kolby his Miranda Rights and conducted an interview. During the interview, the Deputy found that Kolby's story was inconsistent and observed many behaviors indicating deception.

Kolby admitted to grabbing the weapons involved in the incident but stated it was to get them out of the vehicle or out of the way. Kolby said he didn't initiate the fight; his brother did. He said he had touched his brother's neck and throat area just to push him away.

Kolby repeatedly said he would never hurt anyone and that he was the victim. He also admitted to driving the vehicle and the reported route. When Deputy Woodhouse asked about the supposed gun involvement in the incident, Kolby said, "Well, let me rephrase, I don't know that it was a gun; it felt like a gun against my head."


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