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Duchesne man breaks into woman's home while at work, lays in her bed, and watches TV.

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Posted by Travis Uresk | Sept. 23rd, 2022 | Robbery | Duchesne, Ut. |

By Travis Uresk

Sept. 23, 2022

Duchesne, Ut.- On September 19, 2022, Officer Reed responded to a burglary at 165 S. Center Street in Duchesne. The victim told the Officer that someone had been inside her home during the night while she was at work. The victim returned home around 2:00 AM for a coffee break and noticed that her door code was not working to unlock the door, and the light she leaves on during the night was turned off.

The victim said the door was already unlocked but dismissed it as she could have forgotten to lock it. But when the victim entered her home, she noticed clothes that were folded on the bed had been moved and placed on top of a suitcase in the corner of the room. A tote had the lid removed and was lying on the floor next to the tote.

The victim told Officer Reed she was home for about 10 minutes and returned to work.

When the victim got off work and returned home around 6:00 AM and again noticed that the door to her home was unlocked. The victim looked under her bed to see if anyone was hiding under the bed, then began to look around her home and noticed that the bed sheets had been taken down as if someone had been lying in her bed watching TV because the remote was on the bed. Not where she puts it.

The victim noticed that the clothes on the suitcase had been moved again and someone had been looking for something inside the suitcase. The victim also said several drawers in her room had also been gone through.

Several items had been taken from the home, a carton of cigarettes, hair spray, some food, drinks, and a standing cellphone charger.

While the robbery victim was looking around her home, she noticed blood on the utility door handle.

When the owner of the Hotel arrived to do their daily cleaning, the maid found a bloody towel in room number five. Room five belonged to Joshua Allen Tait.

Officer Reed entered Tait's room and saw a purple hairspray bottle that was described by the victim. The food items the victim described were found in Tait's fridge.

Joshua Tait was located and questioned about the robbery and the items found in his room.

Joshua told Officers, "he had a seizure the night before and was wandering around on State Street of Duchesne." He claimed everything was a blur and didn't remember what had happened before he had the seizure. Tait was asked about the bloody towel found in his room. Joshua said, "he gets a bloody nose every time he has a seizure."

Joshua Tait was on probation and arrested then taken to Duchesne County Jail. At the time of the arrest, Officer Reed asked Tait if he had anything illegal on him, and he said "no."

When searched by Corrections Officers in the Jail, they located Joshua's wallet tucked underneath his scrotum with Suboxone strips inside his wallet. Two strips had already been opened and used. The Corrections Officers found five other Suboxone strips that had not been opened.

Indictment from Sept. 22nd, 2022

Indictment From Aug, 15th, 2022

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