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An argument gets physical, sending one to jail



Uintah County, Ut.- Uintah County Deputies were dispatched to a residence Southeast of Vernal to a report of an altercation between a male and a female, and the female was headed to the hospital with a head injury.

Deputy Russell was informed that the male was still outside the residence. The deputy found the male sleeping in a vehicle in the driveway and made contact with him. His Louisiana driver's license identified the male as 40-year-old Kurtis Armand.

Deputy Russell asked Kurtis about the incident and why the police were called to his house. Kurtis told the deputy that there had been an argument between him and the victim, and he tried walking away, but the victim tried to stop him from leaving, and the argument started again.

Kurtis stated that the victim was trying to stop him from leaving when she became violent and tried hitting him. He then put his arms up and pushed the victim by her face, where she fell to the ground.

Deputy Russell asked if the victim hit her head when she fell, and Kurtis said he wasn’t sure if she did or not.

Deputy Russell went to the hospital to speak with the victim, and she stated that the male tried keeping her from leaving the bedroom when things became physical. She said that Kurtis grabbed and pushed her into the cupboards in the hallway and then shoved her to the ground.

While the deputy was speaking with the victim, she stated several times that the head wound was not in direct correlation to the altercation with Kurtis. Aside from the injury the victim sustained to the back of her head, she said wasn't related to the altercation, the victim didn't show any other signs of injury.

Deputy Russell returned to the residence to speak with Kurtis to clarify some inconsistencies. When Kurtis was asked where the altercation started, he stated it was in the bedroom. When asked when the victim tried to leave if he grabbed her, he said that he did. When asked about pushing the victim into the cupboards, Kurtis stated that he did, but it was after the female had gotten combative with him. When asked about pushing the victim to the ground, he admitted that he did push her down, but he did it only because she was trying to hit and fight with him.

Deputy Russell told Kurtis the only consistency to the stories is that he pushed the victim to the ground and he was going to be taken to the Uintah County Jail for assault.


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