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Alcohol Fuels A Screaming Match At The Lazy K Motel **Language**


| Naples, Ut. | June 19th, 2024 | **Language** |

Naples City Police Officer Roth responded to a noise complaint at the Lazy K Motel. When he arrived, he heard no noise from any of the residents.

The complainant referred directly to room #2 and said they believed a juvenile party was going on. Officer Roth could see through the window into room #2, but no occupants were inside the residence. Without having any individual to contact, he cleared from the Lazy K.

A short time later, the officer received another call from the same complainant, this time stating that two individuals were fighting outside of the complex. Officer Roth quickly responded to the motel, and upon arrival, he found multiple individuals out in the parking lot. Most began to retreat into their residences as the officer pulled in.

Officer Roth spoke with the property manager, who stated that the parties in room #1 and room #2 were screaming and yelling at each other. He went to separate them and got them back into their rooms. The manager stated that he didn't see anyone physically fighting, but he came out after the screaming and yelling had already started.

Officer Roth knocked on room #2 and made contact with a male, thrusting the door open quickly. he shouted, "What ni**a!" and stepped out of the residence, closing the door behind him.

Once the male realized it was a police officer, he explained that he and his neighbor had been having constant issues. He went on about past issues that the two parties have had but failed repeatedly to explain what brought about the current argument.

The officer could smell the odor of alcohol coming from his breath as he spoke. This individual identified himself as 20-year-old Mason Clay Whitehead and provided his information to Officer Orion, who had responded from Vernal City to assist.

Mason continued to talk about past issues and would never explain why the argument started, only referring to his fan falling over at one point. Mason repeatedly stated to Officer Roth that he would not contact law enforcement if issues between them continued and that he "promised" he would do something.

Deputy Anderton and Deputy Ogle contacted the two individuals in room #1.

Officer Roth spoke with the male in room #1 about his involvement in the argument next. He provided consistent information as to what was called in to dispatch and what other parties later stated they had observed. The male said that he and the complainant were watching a movie when Mason was making a bunch of noise outside, which prompted them to make the original noise complaint.

The male in room #1 goes on to explain that he had heard a loud bang come from room #2 while he was outside smoking, and after that, he yelled over to "shut the fuck up," and after he did, Mason began yelling back at him "You shut the fuck up." "You want me to come out there and do somethin?!"

The man states that he remained at the front of his residence after Mason came out front to challenge him, and he told Mason 20 to 30 different times to shut up, go inside, take his drunk ass in and go to bed.

The man stated during this time Mason told him multiple times that he was going to "beat his ass." He goes on to explain that during this argument, Mason threatened to shoot him and to have him shot. The complainant confirmed that this had been said, and both parties provided witness statements to this.

As the yelling continued between the two parties, the male stated that "Dan pulled Mason back into his room," which was confirmed with Dan. Officer Roth advised the male that he would prefer to have everyone just mind their own business and stay out of each other's air space if possible, and he agreed with the officer and said that would be no problem.

Officer Roth returned to speak with Mason again. In the follow-up conversation with Mason, he continued to become more upset and yell about everything. The officer had to tell Mason to stop shouting multiple times as he was disturbing the other residence that would be trying to sleep. While explaining what the officer would rather do with the situation Mason continued to talk over him and shout.

Mason stated during this, he was "willing to go to jail for beating the fuck out of his neighbor" and continued to make statements about how law enforcement won't/can't do anything to stop the issues between them. Mason denied making any statements about shooting his neighbor but again said that he told him if he came near any of his stuff, there would be an issue.

Mason stated, "And that is not a threat; that is a mother fucking promise; if you guys have an issue with it fucking arrest me for it."

Officer Roth told Mason he wanted everyone to act like adults and mind their business. He stated, "We obviously fucking can't; I've already tried to do that," and began getting loud shouting about the past issues again.

When Mason was told that we could not help with the issues unless the police knew about it, Mason stated: "Exactly, so I am gunna do what I fuckin need to do, and when I go to jail for it, I'm going to go to jail for the right fuckin reason."

Officer Roth gave Mason two specific options they could go the legal route of charges, or we could leave each other alone, and he stated, "fuck that, I've already done that" and "If I have to go to jail for that mother fucker, I don't give a fuck."

At this time, Officer Roth stepped aside to speak with Deputy Anderton about his understanding of the situation and what he had observed while speaking with both parties involved. Deputy Anderton and Officer Roth both agreed that Mason clearly was intoxicated and that he had started off and remained the main antagonist of the incident.

Due to Mason's own statements about consuming alcohol and stating that he was not going to leave the situation with his neighbor alone as well as being clearly intoxicated and disorderly after being told to stop multiple times, it was believed that it was necessary at this time to place Mason under arrest to ensure the safety of all involved individuals.

Mason's neighbor in room #3 stated she had also come out during the yelling between Mason and the man in room #2. She advised that both parties were outside of their residences, and during this time, Mason had said "something" about what he would do to the individuals in room #2, but she was not sure exactly what he had said. She stated that she did try to get Mason to go inside and "stop it," but it was not working at all.

It was requested that Mason submit a portable breath test to confirm his alcohol levels, and he submitted a positive breath test reading a .185 BrAC. Mason was then transported to the Uintah County Jail.

Once at the jail, Mason submitted a second breath alcohol test with a positive reading of .206 BrAC. Mason was booked on the charges of Disorderly Conduct after being told to stop, Threat of Violence, Intoxication, and Illegal Consumption by a minor 18-20 years old.

Mason Clay Whitehead may post bail in the amount of $1,860.00.

All the articles that come from are from the affidavits & probable cause reports that the officers write. If you would like you can get a copy of the report from the website below. It does cost money to open every document you want to read. You can also look up any case in the state of Utah from this site.


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