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After a bar fight, the suspects fled the scene, then drove back by Yelling


Vernal, Ut. On 1/5/24, 911 dispatched Deputy Roth to a report of an assault that occurred at the Gateway Saloon at 755 East Main St. The report stated that the victim had been hit in the face and the individuals that were involved had left the scene in a white pickup.

Officers arrived and began to speak with the victim, who reported that an individual had hit the right side of his jaw. Deputy Roth arrived and heard the report that a vehicle matching the description of the vehicle had just passed the Gateway and headed eastbound. The officer had seen the front and rear passengers hanging out the window, yelling and gesturing toward the bar.

Deputy Roth located the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop near 1080 East US-40. Four adult males were in the truck, and it smelled of alcohol. Another officer arrived to assist, and the males were instructed to get out of the truck and to stand in front of the patrol vehicle.

The rear passenger, later identified as 36-year-old Rory Logan Brunow, exited the vehicle and began to yell at one of the occupants. Rory was told to stop yelling and remain at the patrol vehicle's front.

At this time, Deputy Roth overheard the other officer ordering the front passenger to get out of the vehicle and telling him that he was interfering with an investigation. The male exited the truck and was verbally confrontational with the officer.

While placing the male into handcuffs, Rory started to walk toward the officers, continuing to yell and refusing to listen to any orders to stop yelling. Once the front passenger was secured, Rory was instructed to place his hands behind his back. Deputy Roth applied his handcuffs, informing him he was detained and placed in the patrol vehicle.

While performing a records check on all the occupants, Rory began to say that he had hit the victim. Rory said that he and his coworkers had been at the bar drinking. While he was talking with other people, he saw the victim giving him the side eye and said the victim was saying stuff out of the side of his face. Rory then said he went outside to have a cigarette shortly after the victim stepped outside, and Rory said that the victim was acting like he was better than him and said, "I'm not going to lie; I punched him."

When asked how he punched him, Rory said the victim approached him and leaned in, and told him, "You ain't shit," and that was when Rory punched the victim because he felt intimidated.

Rory was asked how much he had to drink, and he said it had been a lot. Rory consented to a Portable Breath Test, which showed a positive result of .202 BRAC.

Rory was arrested and taken to the Uintah County Jail.

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Omg! He said the guy was talking out the side of his face? And giving him "a side eye?" That sounds so strange to me....smh

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