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A Woman Claiming To Be “The Holy Ghost” Assaults A Roosevelt Police Officer


Roosevelt, Ut. On 11/15/23, dispatch received a call of a suspicious person behind the liquor store. The complainant stated that a person was in the ally and had two backpacks on and threw one of them behind a building in a grassy area.

When Cpl Barton arrived, he saw an individual walking South in an alley behind the liquor store wearing a hoodie. Barton asked if she was behind the liquor store, and she said no and stopped walking. He then asked her for her name, and she stated Alexsis Hawkins, and began to run southbound through the ally.

Cpl Barton ran after the female, telling her to stop. The female stopped as Barton passed her and got in front of her. Cpl Barton asked her what she was doing, and she began saying that she was "The Holy Ghost," and he couldn't be around her.

Barton told her to stop again due to her threatening to hit him, and she then kicked him in the knees several times. He continued to tell her to stop, and she tried running again. At this time, they were near the apartments at 44 S 200 E when Cpl Barton attempted to grab the female's arm, and she began to punch the officer in the face multiple times. He grabbed the female's arm and escorted her to the ground, where she continued to resist and wouldn't put her hands behind her back.

The female continued to fight, but the officer got one handcuff on and used her other wrist to gain compliance. Then, he was able to get the other hand secured and placed her under arrest.

The female was identified as 40-year-old Alexsis Ann Rasmussen.

Alexsis was transported to the Roosevelt City PD. Cpl Barton located the backpack and didn't see anything that identified a male or Alexsis inside of it. Just tools, a female t-shirt, and a few other items. Alexsis was transported to the Duchesne County Jail and booked in for assault on a peace officer and disorderly conduct after requested to stop.


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