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A vernal man swinging a speaker during an argument hits two females


Vernal, Ut. On 12/10/23, Officer Maughan was dispatched to a disorderly conduct incident. The Officer made contact with the complainant, who stated that 50-year-old Dustin Joseph Bryant had allegedly assaulted his daughter and niece.

The complainant told Officer Maughan that the pool of blood on the ground was from his niece, who was near some steps leading to the front door. There was also a broken window on the house that the complainant said Dustin had broken. Another Officer asked the complainant how the window and the windshield on the truck in the driveway had been broken, and the complainant stated that Dustin had broken them as well.

Officer Maughan spoke with Dustin, who said he and the complainant had gotten into an argument and started engaging in a physical altercation. Dustin said he was swinging a speaker around that he got out of his vehicle. The Officer noticed the speaker appeared to have blood on it.

A witness stated that Dustin was swinging the speaker around, trying to hit the complainant and hit the niece of the complainant, and on another swing, he hit the complainant's daughter, who was 14 at the time of the incident. The witness stated that when she went to the niece, she was on the ground unconscious.

The witness stated that the two girls came outside because they could hear Dustin yelling and screaming at the complainant outside. The witness said that her daughter also heard the yelling and saw the two girls after they had been hurt.

The complainant said his daughter and niece had been taken to the Ashley Regional Medical Center ER due to their injuries.

Officer Maughan arrived at the hospital, and Officer Elmer stated that the complainant's daughter was currently getting stitches for a gash on her head, and his niece had to get 7 staples on her head.

Sgt Watt took Dustin to the Uintah Basin Medical Center to get medically evaluated and submitted to a Portable Breath Test, and the results were .209 BrAC.

Because Dustin recklessly hit a child based upon her age with a dangerous weapon causing serious bodily injury, recklessly hit the other female with a dangerous weapon causing serious bodily injury and unconsciousness, broke multiple windows and a windshield of a vehicle, was intoxicated to the point he was a danger to himself or others, and caused a disorderly disturbance by engaging in fighting tumultuous behavior.

Officer Maughan determined there was probable cause to arrest Dustin Bryant for Aggravated Child Abuse, Aggravated Assault, Criminal Mischief, Intoxication, and Disorderly Conduct.


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