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A Vernal man purposely drives his truck into another vehicle and tells the woman, You will be dead

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 6/12/23, police were called to a hit and run in the parking lot at the church at 250 North 200 West. Cpl. Johnstun was advised by dispatch that the complainant said that 45-year-old Ryan Daniel Dangerfield intentionally hit her vehicle with his truck.

Ryan's truck description was a Grey Nissan, and he had left the scene.

Cpl. Johnstun arrived at the church and met with three subjects. The victim said she was walking to her vehicle in the parking lot when Ryan drove up and yelled, "You'll be a dead bitch soon."

The victim stated Ryan spun a "doughnut" in the parking lot and then intentionally ran into her vehicle.

It was noted that the victim's Red Mazda was parked diagonally, and there were black tire marks on the asphalt on the driver's side. The rear driver's side door and panel behind the door were dented. The estimated cost to repair the vehicle would be at least $2000.

Trevor and Haylee indicated they witnessed the incident as described by the victim.

Cpl. Johnstun located a security camera of the incident on a residential home to the North. In the video, a Grey Nissan Frontier with a camper shell with a distinctive round tube on the roof driving toward the victim's Mazda. The truck came to a complete stop two times before hitting the victim's vehicle.

Based on the video, it appears the collision was intentional. After the collision, Ryan exited the parking lot onto the roadway without stopping and left the scene.

On 6/17/23, Cpl. Johnstun called Ryan and told him they needed to speak about the traffic accident. Ryan stated the victim stole $500 from him two days before the incident, and on the day of the incident, he received a text message from the victim saying, "How you like your precious truck?"

Ryan said he ran down, checked on his truck, and then got another text saying, "Your time is running out."

Ryan then started driving by the hospital, and he saw the victim walking, and he and the victim exchanged words. Ryan then pulled into the parking lot, and the victim's vehicle was there. Ryan stated the victim was screaming at him and calling him names, and he then bumped into her car and left.

Johnstun advised Ryan he would be charged based on the incident, and Ryan indicated he would call a bail bondsman and call Cpl. Johnstun back to take care of it. Ryan didn't call back.

On 6/26/23, Deputy Roth responded to a report of a reckless driver that was reported to be driving South on Highway 191. Roth saw a vehicle matching the vehicle description in the area of 1700 North Vernal Ave.

“I followed the vehicle onto 1500 North to determine a driving pattern based on the complainant's description. The vehicle turned south on 500 East, and I activated my emergency lights in the area of 1000 North 500 East. The vehicle continued until 750 North 500 East and turned onto 750 North before coming to a stop."

Deputy Roth contacted the driver and explained the reason for the stop, and the driver identified himself as Ryan Dangerfield. It was known that Vernal City Police Officer Cpl. Johnstun was looking for Ryan in reference to a hit-and-run case.

Cpl. Johnstun was contacted, and Ryan was arrested. Ryan's vehicle matched the vehicle used in the hit-and-run and was inventoried for impound.

During the inventory, Officers found a scale with a white crystal residue on it. The powder tested positive for methamphetamine.

Ryan Dangerfield was read his Miranda Rights, and he said he understood them. When asked if he would speak about the items found in the vehicle, he stated there was a scale and said that he better not talk to the police.

Ryan was booked into the Uintah County Jail.



Also my brother was with Ryan when this went down and Ryan instantly gave Roddigo Ponce‘s name to the cops and Eddie Arellano’s name ( J-west) because J-west is the one who gave him the keys while Angie was incarcerated. The police report shows that Angelica said it happened over drama because she was his landlord previously and he was just a creep. it is comical that Ryan, Ridrigo and Eddie are palling around when he threw their names out to save the skin off his teeth. That’s the funny part about that crowd of drug users.



that’s untrue Ryan is the one who accused her of selling drugs and doing this stuff he stole $160 bucks from her and she brushed it off. Ryan is tue drug dealer who got mad. Maybe he would of been more discreet if he wasn’t so scared. He Intentionally made a scene to not have confrontation with her. She is getting her life in order and has passed drug tests for weeks unlike Ryan selling Blues and meth to everyone!



Yea Angie Reyes runs around town breaking the most laws, stealing, drug dealing, threats, and provoking people. But because she's giving the cops information on others, she gets away with it!! Dry snitching at it's finest!! She's the criminal and because the cops get all the information they need, she gets away with doing what she does on a daily basis!!

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