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A vehicle gets pulled over after leaving a known drug house in Myton

By Travis Uresk


Myton, Ut.- Deputy Hunter was working a DUI shift and patrolling in Myton on 7/7/23 when he passed a residence known for distributing illegal narcotics.

A white Jeep Grand Cherokee was parked at the drug house, and Deputy Hunter ran the license plate number. The vehicle returned as having no valid insurance. A short time later, the Jeep was driving East down Main Street.

The Deputy got behind the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop at 200 West Main Street. Deputy Hunter walked up to the driver's side of the Jeep and contacted the driver, Christopher Davis.

It was explained to Davis the reason for the traffic stop, and he said he knew the Jeep had no insurance. When the Deputy asked for his driver's license, he explained he didn't have it. It was found that Christopher's driver's license was denied.

Deputy Hunter returned to the vehicle and had Christopher step out, and asked if there was anything illegal inside the vehicle that he should know about, and Christopher said no.

Christopher was then asked for his consent to search the vehicle, which he agreed to, and the Deputy had his body cam running during the traffic stop.

Two other occupants were inside the vehicle, a male and a female. They also were asked to step out so the Deputy could search the vehicle.

The other male was identified as 52-year-old Wayne Matsuura. The female was then asked to step out, and when asked if she had her ID, she shook her head no. She then told the Deputy that he would find out who she was anyway and provided the Deputy with her name and date of birth. She was identified as 39-year-old Tamara Lynn Mazakahomni. She also stated that she had an active warrant.

The Deputy had dispatch run a records check on both the individuals, and Wayne was found to have a no bail active warrant out of 8th District Court in Duchesne, and Tamara was found to have two no bail warrants out of 8th District Court in Duchesne.

After verifying this information, the Deputy spoke with Tamara and explained that she was under arrest for the warrants. She informed the Deputy that she was on probation with AP&P but hadn't checked in since 2019 and had been a fugitive since then.

Tamara told the Deputy upon searching the vehicle. He would find paraphernalia and meth that belonged to her. She also said she is currently using meth and smoked it approximately one hour before this interaction.

In the vehicle located inside Tamara's property, Deputies found hypodermic needles, two pipes, one containing meth and one containing marijuana.

Wayne Matsuura was also taken into custody, transported to the Duchesne County Jail, and booked on his no-bail warrant.

Tamara was taken to the UBMC, where Deputy Hunter obtained medical clearance, then transported her to the Duchesne County Jail and booked on the two no-bail warrants and the drug charges.

Tamara’s AP&P agent was contacted and advised of Tamara’s arrest.

The driver, Christopher Davis, was issued a citation for no insurance, and the vehicle was impounded.


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