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A Uintah County Man Arrested For Stealing Family's Internet Router


Maeser, Ut.—On 3/8/24, Officer Roth was out on patrol when he heard on the radio that the Utah Highway Patrol had been dispatched to a traffic accident at 2500 West 500 North.

One of the individuals involved in the accident was 25-year-old Kelton Bryce Huber, whom the officer knew from prior involvement with him and his family.

During some of these prior interactions, Officer Roth has trespassed Kelton from the family home; a short time later, he was dispatched to a criminal trespassing call at the family residence.

Kelton had broken into the home while everyone was gone, and his mother believed Kelton was the one who took her router because he had previously talked about it.

Officer Roth radioed one of the Uintah County Deputies, who was still on the traffic accident scene, and asked if there was a router in the vehicle. The deputy said a black Strata wireless router was found in the truck Kelton was driving.

UHP already arrested Kelton for the traffic accident.

Officer Roth met with Kelton's mother at her residence and was shown where the router was taken from. The officer was provided the router's serial number from her Strata wireless app and described what the router looked like.

Officer Roth drove to the traffic accident and met with Trooper Searle and Deputy Roth, who stated that during the traffic accident investigation, Kelton told Trooper Searle that he had broken into his mother's house, stolen the router, and was fleeing the home when he ran the red light and crashed.

Officer Roth transported Kelton to the Uintah Basin Medical Center for medical clearance. During his time with Kelton, he admitted to breaking into his mother's home in an attempt to get arrested.

Kelton stated several times that he wanted to go to prison, and he would start assaulting other people to make sure that it happen if this incident doesn't send him there.


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