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A tip comes in that a man was at the hospital trying to get pain pills


Vernal, Ut. - On 1/12/24, Officer Murray and Cpl Randall were called to the Uintah Basin Health Hospital at 475 North 500 West on a tip that 29-year-old Jonah Grant Betts was there trying to get pain pills.

His mother called in, stating that he had gotten into a Taxi and was going to the Uintah Basin Health Hospital. His mother also said that Jonah had no bail warrants for his arrest. A records check confirmed Jonah had four no-bail warrants for his arrest.

The officers made their way to UBH and asked the nurses if they had seen Jonah Betts throughout the night. None of the nurses had seen Jonah, so the officers went to ARMC to look for Jonah. As they were leaving the hospital, Officer Murray was informed by Sgt Gledhill that Jonah was at UBH.

The officers arrived at UBH to find Jonah seated in the waiting room with Sgt Gledhill, CPL Johnstun, and Officer Maughan surrounding him.

Jonah had his left foot in a cast and crutches under both arms. Jonah was arrested for his outstanding warrants. Officer Murray did a search of his person and found a partially melted plastic pen, known as a tooter, in his front hoodie pocket. Sgt Gledhill saw some tin foil and another tooter under a chair and took it to Officer Murray to place into an evidence bag.

Cpl Johnstun transported Jonah to the Uintah County Jail, where he was read his Miranda Rights. Officer Murray asked Jonah in regards to the drug paraphernalia on him. Jonah admitted to having Fentanyl in the tin foil.

Inside the tin foil were remnants of a blue crushed-up Fentanyl pill.

Jonah Betts was booked into the Uintah County Jail on the charges of a controlled substance schedule I or II. As well as one count of Use or possession of drug paraphernalia.

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