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A suspicious truck driving around a neighborhood at 3 am gets the attention of a Naples City Police Officer


Naples, Ut. (1/19/24) A dark truck was traveling northbound on 500 East 2100 South in front of Officer McGaha. When the officer approached the truck, it turned into a driveway near 2000 South 500 East.

The truck stopped partially in the roadway and the driveway. Officer McGaha stopped and asked if everything was okay, and the female driver and a male passenger were looking for an address. The male had his face obscured the entire time during the conversation.

Due to the early morning hour being 3:10 am and the house of the driveway the truck pulled into being dark, it didn't appear they were expecting any company.

The officer proceeded down 500 East and then turned around to watch the truck pull back onto 500 East and drive southbound. Officer McGaha got behind the truck, ran the registration, and found that the insure-rite reported a 12/15/23 date for the last reported valid insurance on the vehicle.

A traffic stop was initiated at approximately 2300 South 500 East with the female driver and a slumped-over male. The male wouldn't look at the officer when asked for his ID. He stated, "I do not have one," and then refused to ID himself and said he wasn't feeling well.

Officer McGaha opened the door to the passenger side, asking for his ID. He provided the name of Travis Galley with a DOB.

McGaha returned to his patrol truck and performed a driver's check. Amber's came back as clear and a valid license. Travis didn't return to a person. The officer performed another check, and nothing came back again.

The officer went back to talk to the male to ask for his information one last time; this time, he provided the name of 37-year-old Mark Lynn Montgomery. Officer McGaha returned to his truck to verify this was the person he was talking to. The Utah driver's license returned, and it was, in fact, Mark Montgomery.

McGaha was notified by other officers that Mark likes to evade on foot, and he had multiple warrants for his arrest.

Officer McGaha asked Mark to step out of the truck and face away from him. Mark was placed in handcuffs. Dispatch returned and stated that Mark had 9 state-wide warrants for his arrest.

A search of his person located an orange marijuana joint tube, which had items compacted inside of it. This was not consistent with marijuana.

While searching the vehicle, the officer grabbed a gray jacket with a wallet inside with Mark's ID. There were two blue plastic straws melted with white residue inside.

While searching the backpack, the officer located two glass pipes with white residue. Also located was a small foil in a flashlight battery compartment with a green leafy substance appearing to be marijuana.

Also in the backpack were multiple male hygiene items, a collection of power cord cards, and an inhaler, which is the same brand and type as the black jacket he had on his person. There was also an advanced inhaler that was purple in color.

Officer McGaha found two contact cases, one white and one green. He asked Montgomery if he wore contacts, and Montgomery stated he did. The officer asked what color the case was, and he stated green. Then, he stated he only wore glasses and did not have contacts.

Amber was told to get a copy of the valid insurance and was released on the scene.

Mark has several previous convictions, including felony 3 convictions. The items packed into the orange tube were Psilocybin mushrooms.

Mark was booked into the Uintah County Jail on the 9 state-wide warrants, Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Marijuana, and Possession of Paraphernalia. Officer McGaha proceeded to NPD to book evidence into the property.


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