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A Roosevelt Man On Probation Caught With Drugs


Roosevelt, Ut.—On 3/4/23, Officer Barton was patrolling on Main Street when a passenger car failed to signal when turning onto 200 North.

A traffic stop was conducted at 200 North and 400 East. The driver was identified as 41-year-old John Nicholas Fauci.

While speaking with John about the violation, he stated that he was on probation with AP&P. The officer stated that due to the location of where John lived and who he was living with, he asked John if he had any illegal drugs on him. John said, "No," and was asked to exit the vehicle.

There was also an unnamed female in the passenger seat. The officer saw her put something in her pocket. Officer Barton walked around the car and asked her to exit. She stated she had a pipe hidden on her person. The pipe was in her front pocket, and it was taken and placed in an evidence bag.

On the rear driver's side floor was a black case with meth and several small plastic bags used to package illegal narcotics.

John stated that the pipe or meth belonged to the female.

The female spoke with Officer Barton, and she stated that John had thrown the bag in the back seat.

John Fauci was arrested and transported to the Duchene County Jail.


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