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A Naples Woman Accused Of Shooting Two People Assaults Deputies In Jail


| Vernal, Ut. | May 2nd, 2024 |

On 5/1/24, at approximately 9:30 pm, Deputy Borba was working the 3rd floor at the Uintah County Jail when a call for officers to respond to medical.

Upon arriving, the decision was made to place 28-year-old Mara Anderson in the Restraint Chair to prevent her from hitting her head against the wall.

While getting Mara in the Restraint Chair, Deputy Winkler was standing behind her and asked why she was hitting her head. Mara looked up at Deputy Winkler and spat in his face.

Mara Anderson was charged with one count of propelling an object or substance at a correctional or peace officer.

 On 5/2/24, at around 5:15 am, Deputy Anderson was working in the booking area to assist a female deputy with getting Inmate Mara Anderson into Booking Cell 2 after returning from medical transport to be changed out in a protective smock for a medical watch.

The female deputy entered the cell while Deputy Winkler, Cpl Porter, Deputy Brusso, and Deputy Anderson waited outside the cell for the female deputy to get Mara changed. The female deputy gave several commands to Mara to remove her clothing and change into the protective smock.

Mara refused and made several comments to the female deputy, asking her, "Do you want to eat my pussy,?" "That's rape," "That's gay," and other similar comments, including if the deputies wanted to see her breasts before trying to lift her shirt toward the deputies standing outside the door.

Deputy Winkler asked Corporal Porter if he felt it was time to move to the next step of using force to get Inmate Anderson into the smock, and Corporal Porter gave the approval. Deputy Winkler entered the cell first, and Deputy Anderson stood slightly behind him as they entered the cell. When Deputy Winkler approached Inmate Anderson and tried to grab her right arm, she turned and then quickly struck the female deputy in the face multiple times.

Deputy Anderson ran over to Inmate Anderson's left side to work with Deputy Winkler to secure Inmate Anderson's arms before being joined by Corporal Porter in trying to restrain Inmate Anderson. After several seconds of unsuccessfully trying to get Inmate Anderson to the ground because she was resisting all of their attempts to control her and because she was using the concrete bench in the cell to keep herself up by using her feet, the deputies were finally successful in getting Inmate Anderson to the ground and contained.

 The deputies carried Mara to cell 2, which is a padded cell, for her safety in preparation for placing her on medical watch.

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