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A man gets upset over two individuals riding ATVs on the road then points a rifle at one of them

By Travis Uresk 1Nationjustice


Uintah Co. Ut.- On 8/12/23, Deputy Russell was called to a residence in Uintah County of a report from one of the complainant's neighbors had pointed a gun at another individual.

When Deputy Russell arrived at the residence, he was met by an adult male, the stepfather of the two victims. The male began telling the Deputy about the incident, and as the male was giving the Deputy information, he was introduced to the two victims.

In speaking with both victims, they said they had been riding their four-wheelers up and down the road when one of the neighbors got upset. The neighbor involved would later be identified as 67-year-old Rand Boyd Allred.

Victim One told Deputy Russell that Rand had waved him into his driveway, so he pulled in to talk to Rand because he didn't know Rand was so upset. When victim One said that when he got into the driveway, Rand came toward him and started yelling about riding in the road and he would beat the shit out of Victim One.

Victim One stated he felt that with the tone of Rand's voice and the way he was acting, the victim felt like he was in danger. Victim One got back on his ATV and tried to leave, but Rand was in front of him, keeping him from leaving. He asked Rand to move out of his way so that he could leave before an altercation started. Rand just stood there for a long time. Rand finally moved, and that's when Victim One was able to leave on his ATV.

Victim Two began telling his side of the story shortly after the altercation with Rand they were riding, and when they were heading back to the house, Rand was in front of his house with a rifle in his hand. Victim Two stated Rand had motioned with his hand for Victim Two to come and speak with him. Victim Two stated Rand pointed the rifle at him.

Deputy Russell asked to describe the rifle to him, and victim two told the Deputy that the rifle was brown with a scope and a extended clip. Victim Two said that the clip was in the gun when Rand held it up.

At this point, Deputy Russell informed the victims that he was going to Rand's residence to speak with him.

Deputy Russell drove to the address of the suspect's home, where a male and a female met him. The male was Rand Allred.

The woman answered the door and wasn't surprised by the police presence and said, "We needed to talk about something." She called for her husband, Rand, who was just behind her in the house.

They both exited the home, and Deputy Russell asked them if they knew why he was there. The woman said she knew, and Rand told him he knew why he was there.

Deputy Russell began talking to Rand about the incident, and it was reported that he pointed a gun at the neighbor. Rand stated that he did not point a gun at anyone. The Deputy asked Rand if he owned a gun with a scope, and he affirmed that he did. The Deputy asked him to describe the gun to him.

Rand started telling Deputy Russell that the rifle was an M14, brown, and had a scope. Rand began saying he was tired of the kids riding on the road.


Deputy Russell explained to Rand that the first allegation was that he had waved one of the males into his driveway. Rand agreed and said, "I did wave him in here." Russell told Rand that it was alleged that he told the male that he was going to kick his ass. Before the Deputy could finish his sentence, Rand admitted that he told the male that he was going to go over there and kick his ass.

Rand then said, "I'm tired of you guys." Deputy Russell explained that I was doing my job and investigating what was reported.

Rand said, "You do your job?" Deputy Russell explained that he needed him to stand up because he would be going to jail tonight. Rand said, "No, I'm not." Russell stated he was going to jail because he violated several laws.

Deputy Russell told Rand, "You will be taken to jail for USC-76-10-506 Brandishing because of possessing a firearm in an argument after waving for an individual to come onto his property after threatening to assault another person. USC 76-5-107 Threat of Violence because before the forearm was used in the incident, he had threatened to assault another individual. USC 76-10-528 Possession of a firearm by an intoxicated person because Rand was intoxicated three times the legal limit.

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What about Threatening bodily harm upon a minor or child under age of 18 (?)

Brandishing a weapon with intent to do harm to a minor (?) I'm assuming they are under 18

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