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A Man Chases Another Man Around In The Middle Of The Road Stopping Traffic

Posted by Travis Uresk | May 7th, 2023 | Drugs, Assault, & Kidnapping |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 4/20/23, at around 6:00 pm, Sgt. Watt was parked in front of a residence on 500 South doing a follow-up on an uninvolved case. While parked there, he saw a male walking West from 500 East on the South side of the street.

As the man walked by, the Officer noticed that he kept looking back several times while on the phone. At one point, a red truck drove by coming from 500 East and stopped next to the man on the road, and a male got out of the truck. The male who got out of the truck started chasing the man who was walking, who kept backing up and went out of sight of the Officer.

Sgt. Watt saw the truck leave and thought the two men separated. A few seconds later, the Officer, the same man from the truck, chased the other man around in the middle of the road where they were both walking in front of cars and stopping traffic.

Sgt. Watt left his follow-up and went to where the two men were. By this time, they had both gone to the South side of the sidewalk. One male started walking away on the sidewalk, and the other was on the grass behind a pine tree. Officer Watt walked up to them and directed them to stop. The second man was told to sit down on the sidewalk.

The other man was still up on the grass behind the pine tree, appearing to be walking back in the opposite direction to try to avoid the Officer. Sgt. Watt told him to come out from behind the tree and sit by the other man while waiting for backup to arrive.

In the disorderly incident between the two men, one, identified as 32-year-old Kristoffer Brian Winslow, was found to have several no-bail warrants for his arrest and taken into custody. Kristoffer was acting fidgety, and his demeanor led the Officer to believe he was under the influence of drugs. Sgt. Watt knew he had an extensive drug history.

After the investigation, Sgt. Watt walked around on the grass and behind the pine tree where Kristoffer was. A clear plastic cigarette cellophane wrapped with a blue pill inside was on the grass. The pill was identified as Alprazolam, a schedule IV controlled substance.

Sgt. Watt later reviewed his dash cam footage, and he could see as he went down the sidewalk in front of the pine tree, Kristoffer turned back and removed something from his pocket, and it fell to the ground as he came back out from behind the tree.

Kristoffer Winslow was charged with possession of a schedule IV Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Obstruction of Justice.

Assault & Kidnapping Story below

Vernal, Ut.- On 9/7/21, Uintah County Deputies were dispatched to a residence regarding a disorderly detail. The complainant, also victim 1, stated Kristoffer Winslow was "freaking out."

When Deputy Ogle arrived, he saw a silver Subaru backing out of the driveway, and two people occupied this vehicle. The driver was an adult male, but the Deputy had trouble seeing who was in the front passenger seat due to the vehicle taking off in a hurry.

Kristoffer Winslow

Deputy Ogle radioed Deputy Embleton, asking him to stop the Subaru because they were possibly involved. Deputy Embleton radioed back, saying the Subaru was driving so fast he could not catch up and eventually lost sight of the vehicle.

Deputy Ogle walked toward the front door that was wide open. He stood in the doorway and called out several times but got no response. While standing in the doorway, he noticed the fridge door was wide open, and several items from the fridge were scattered on the floor.

Deputy Ogle saw a bedroom door on the second floor open and observed an adult female walking out to speak with him. The Deputy asked victim 1 if Kristoffer Winslow was there, and she said he was, but just left in his Subaru.

The Deputy asked Victim 1 to tell him what had happened, and this is what she said:

“She was in the car with Kristoffer and another male, and they drove to the area of 750 North 150 East to a trailer home at a speed of 140 mph. Kristoffer became upset with the male and her because he couldn’t find his bag of heroin.”

"Kristoffer became very upset at the trailer house, and when she got out, he told her to get back in the car. She told him several times she was scared and didn't want to get back in. Kristoffer told her to get her ass back in the car, or I'll lay your ass out. She got back into the car and drove to a residence on 500 West, and when they arrived, she got out of the car and ran upstairs to get away from him."

According to a witness, Kristoffer went inside the house he began screaming and yelling for Victim 1 to come down. She told him she was too scared and didn't want to. The witness stated Kristoffer began hitting and kicking things inside the home, damaging the fridge and a lamp.

Victim 1 eventually came downstairs to speak with Kristoffer and ended up outside by his Subaru. Kristoffer asked Victim 1 to get in the car so they could leave, and she told him she didn't want to go. Kristoffer grabbed her by the back of the neck and forced her into the passenger seat. Victim 1 said when she had the chance, she exited the car and ran back into the house.

Kristoffer went back into the house screaming and yelling, grabbed Victim 2s cell phone from the table, and walked off with it. Victim 2 followed because she wanted her phone back and got into the car's passenger seat. Victim 2 grabbed her phone from Kristoffer while he was driving, and then he grabbed the phone back from her. Victim 2 took her phone back again, and that's when Kristoffer started driving off with her in the car, telling her, "No, you're coming with me."

Victim 2 stated she tried to turn the car off by reaching and grabbing the keys, but Kristoffer kept hitting her hand away. She was able to turn off the car once while they were traveling on 500 North, but he just turned it back on and continued driving. Victim 2 told Kristoffer she would walk home because he was scaring her, but he said, "No." Victim 2 asked him to take her home, and he told her, "No."

Sgt. Simper with Naples Police Department located and stopped the Subaru. Victim 2 was interviewed by Sgt. Watkins and Deputy Ogle on scene. Sgt. Simper booked Kristoffer into the Uintah County Jail on other charges related to his traffic stop.

Deputy Ogle booked Kristoffer Brian Winslow into the Uintah County Jail on charges of kidnapping, reckless driving, assault, criminal mischief, and theft.


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