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A Homeowner Calls Police On Two Unwanted Guest's Doing Drugs In His Home

Updated: Feb 20

Posted by Travis Uresk | March 3rd, 2023 | Drugs |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 2/17/23, Officer Ross responded to a drug activity detail involving two individuals who were suspected to be under the influence of an illegal drug. The complainant said the two individuals were Gaven Cole Lindsay and Hailey Dove Goddard, who were suspected of having active warrants.

When Officer Ross arrived at the home and spoke with the homeowner, he stated he didn’t invite either Gaven or Hailey to stay at his residence and wanted them gone.

Before arriving, Officer Ross confirmed through Dispatch that both Gaven and Hailey had active warrants.

Officer Ross met with Gaven, and he stated he woke him up, was informed about the warrant issues, and confirmed Hailey was in the room. Gaven stepped out of the room and was placed in handcuffs. Officer Borrelli and Officer Hunting arrived on scene to assist.

Gaven was escorted outside to a patrol vehicle, where he was secured. Officer Hunting stepped inside the room to handcuff Hailey. While Officer Hunting was placing Hailey in handcuffs in the bedroom Officer Ross noticed a custom-made bong on the nightstand next to the bed. The bong was glass with a glass pipe attached and was seen with an orange liquid substance inside.

The glass pipe appeared to be detachable and had a white residue inside, consistent with methamphetamine.

Hailey was escorted out to Officer Borrelli's vehicle, where she was secured.

Officer Ross spoke with Hailey, and she was advised of her Miranda Rights and agreed to speak with the Officer.

Hailey stated she used heroin last night by "shooting up” with a syringe.

Hailey said she used all the heroin, so there should not be any left in the room, and she was detoxing and requested to be transported to the jail.

Officer Ross spoke with Hailey at the jail, and she stated she "shot up" heroin and methamphetamine and used all she had. She saw Gaven shooting something up but was not sure and started to backtrack by saying she only knew what she did.

Officer Ross found a brass bullet on the floor underneath where Gaven was sitting. The bullet had a dark tar residue inside the brass. Gaven was read his rights per Miranda and agreed to speak with the Officer.

Gaven was asked what it was, and he stated it was a part of his necklace, and it came off when the seatbelt was taken off of him the first time when he went back inside the house to use the restroom.

After Gaven used the restroom, he requested to remove all his jewelry, including the necklace, and leave it in the house. After finding the paraphernalia from the home, Officer Ross requested a search warrant of the room, which Judge Labrum granted.

Officer Ross photographed the entry to the room before and after the search.

Officer Hunting assisted with the search where they found these items:

Small black baggy with 2 brown contents inside - suspected heroin.

Small black and clear baggies with a white crystal substance inside - suspected methamphetamine.

23 used and clean syringes with brown liquid contents inside - suspected heroin.

6 Glass tooters and altered metal tooters Broken glass pipe in a pink and white container.

Black alien bong Altered metal spoon with a black substance - suspected heroin.

Custom-made bong with glass pipe attached and orange liquid substance inside.

Glass tooter with a white substance inside - suspected methamphetamine.

Brass bullet with a black tar-like substance inside.

All found items were entered into evidence and photographed.

While at the jail Officer Ross spoke with Gaven, and he said he didn’t use any illegal substances the night before. Gaven said he used heroin by "shooting up" two days ago.

Gaven stated he usually uses methamphetamine and used meth the same night as heroin. Gaven was seen with track marks on the inside of his arm where the bicep and forearm connect.

Gaven stated anything inside the room was either the homeowner's or Hailey's.

Gaven told Officer Ross he was currently on probation and had failed to report to his probation agent on multiple occurrences.

All found items were behind a locked door that both individuals were temporarily staying in.

Gaven stated he woke up to Officer Ross knocking on his door, and the room was secured the entire time a warrant was requested until it was served.

Both Gaven and Hailey were transported to the Uintah County Jail by Officer Borrelli to be booked.

Hailey Goddard:

Gaven Lindsay:


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