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A Fruitland Woman Arrested For Vandalizing Private Property


| Fruitland, Ut. | May 2nd, 2024 |

At 3:00 p.m., Duchesne County Deputies received a call from dispatch about a domestic in progress at an unknown address. The GPS coordinates given were in the Fruitland area of Duchesne County.

The complainant, 46-year-old Jessica Marie Chance, reported the domestic was only verbal at this time and that her fiancé had come home from Salt Lake City, was kicking her door, had broken a window, and was threatening her.

Deputies Smith, Green, and Cpl Nichols responded to the scene and met with the fiancé, who reported to dispatch that he was leaving the scene to meet the deputies before the situation escalated further.

The fiancé indicated that Jessica was now his ex-fiancé. Jessica said she was moving out but had not left the property. The male said he allowed Jessica to stay in a neighboring camp trailer until she could make arrangements to leave. The male thought she would be gone by now after returning from an overnight Salt Lake trip.

When the male came back, he found Jessica had vandalized his property by spray painting "Snitch, Bitch, Mitch" on one of the buildings. The male admitted he was upset and got into a heated argument with Jessica. During the argument, Jessica broke a window in the trailer she was staying in.

Cpl Nichols stated Jessica's overall story was inconsistent and often irrelevant to what was being investigated, and her speech was fast and difficult to understand.

Jessica claimed it was her ex that had broken the window, pointing out that most of the glass was inside the trailer, though she admitted to trying to clean it up before deputies arrived. She also claimed that the graffiti had happened sometime last night and she thought she could hear someone outside, but thought she was just hearing things.

Jessica never reported the graffiti to the police and had plenty of opportunities to, as Cpl Nichols had spoken to her earlier in the day about what she believed happened.

Jessica claimed she was being held there against her will, having no heat, food, or transportation. The Cpl had earlier offered her a ride from her residence, but she declined. She also admitted she was not to go inside the main residence, yet went in through a window, telling the deputies she had to because the main door was explicitly padlocked to keep her out.

Jessica Chance was placed under arrest and taken to the Duchesne County Jail, where she was booked in for domestic violence, criminal mischief, a class A misdemeanor, due to the value exceeding $500 worth of damage and trespass of a dwelling, also a class A misdemeanor. Jessica is also on pre-trial probation for an unrelated felony case.

Jessica is being held without bail.


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