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A female gets stopped in Jensen and arrested for a warrant and drugs

By Travis Uresk


Jensen, Ut.- On 7/30/23, Deputy Russell was checking traffic on Hwy 40 near 9000 East when he saw a vehicle approaching him. The Deputy ran the Utah license plate, which showed the vehicle was registered to 47-year-old Barbara Ruthann Hackford.

Deputy Russell recognized the driver from prior interactions. Barbara has a denied driver’s license and an active warrant out of Vernal City Justice Court.

Russell got behind Barbara, activated his emergency lights, and conducted a traffic stop near 6100 North 7500 East. The Deputy made contact with Barbara and advised her of the traffic stop. She was the only person inside the vehicle. She was asked for her driver's license and stated she would have to try to find it, but Barbara provided the Deputy with the license number.

Deputy Russell ran her license number through dispatch and confirmed that her license was denied and that she had an active warrant. Barbara was asked to step out of her vehicle and was placed in handcuffs behind her back. Barbara was informed she was being arrested and her vehicle was going to be towed and asked if there was anything illegal inside her car, to which Barbara replied there was not.

Barbara was placed in the back of the patrol vehicle, and Deputy Russell returned to her car to do an inventory before the tow truck arrived. The Deputy opened the driver-side door and saw a small glass ball in the door, consistent with a glass pipe that contained some burnt residue.

Deputy Russell asked Barbara about the glass pipe; she didn't think it was in the vehicle. Barbara stated she had used the pipe a few days ago to smoke methamphetamine. Russell asked again if there was anything else inside the vehicle he needed to know about. Barbara stated that she had some pills in her jacket that she had recently washed, but the pills were an old prescription.

Deputy Russell located a prescription bottle under the driver’s seat. It appeared the label had been scratched off to hide who the prescription belonged to. The partial label showed the pills were oxycodone, and were 8 pills still in the bottle.

In a black jacket in the back seat with other clothes, and while searching the jacket was a folded piece of paper in the inner pocket. Inside, the folded paper was filled with marijuana.

Barbara stated that the jacket belonged to her, but she didn't think she had marijuana. She did admit to carrying marijuana with her lately. When asked about the pill bottle, Barbara stated that someone had borrowed the car and left the bottle, so she put it under the seat to return it.

Barbara was transported to the Uintah County Jail.


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