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A female gets stopped for a DUI with a young child inside the vehicle

By Travis Uresk 1nationjustice


Maeser, Ut.- on 9/3/23, Ranger Currie was advised of a female who was leaving the Taylor Mountain area drunk. A license plate was provided for the truck and a description of a red Dodge Mega cab truck.

A vehicle matching the description shortly passed Ranger Currie's location traveling Southbound. He noticed a female driver in the truck, and there wasn't a visible license plate on the vehicle.

The red Dodge also traveled too closely to the vehicle in front of her and crossed the fog line. The Ranger initiated a traffic stop near 3000 N 2500 W. The driver had bloodshot and glossy eyes and admitted to drinking a couple of drinks. She consented to a field sobriety testing.

Dispatch advised that 29-year-old Brittany Marie Wilson is an alcohol-restricted driver. She is not allowed to possess or consume alcoholic beverages.

Field sobriety test: By Ranger Currie:

Nystagmus: I observed that Brittany's pupil size was equal in both eyes and that they both tracked equally. I observed a lack of smooth pursuit in both eyes, distinct and sustained nystagmus in both eyes and the onset of nystagmus prior to 45 degrees in both eyes.

While conducting the test, I observed a powerful odor of an alcoholic beverage on her breath. 9-Step Walk and Turn: Brittany raised her arms, missed many heel-to-toe steps, made an improper turn, stopped walking, and took an improper number of steps (10 on the second 9 steps). She appeared to lose her balance after the turn. One leg stand: No clues were observed.

Portable breath test: Refused to take the test.

Brittany was arrested for:

1. DUI with a child

2. Alcohol-restricted driver

3. Consumption of Alcohol by an interdicted person

4. Careless driving

5. No visible license plate

Brittany had a young child in her vehicle during the traffic stop. Brittany refused a requested blood draw. A warrant was requested. The Judge approved the warrant, and her blood was collected.

She was lucky she didn't end up looking like this vehicle


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