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A Female Forces Herself Inside An Apartment, Wanting To Fight


Vernal, Ut.— On March 10th, 2024, at around 2:00 am, officers responded to a disorderly conduct incident at the Silver Pines Apartment Complex at 188 East 960 South.

It was reported that 24-year-old Abigail Theresa Vandaam had banged on the complainant's door, wanting to fight. It was also reported that Abigail forced herself into the apartment and put her hands on the complainant.

Officer Maughan met with the victim, who said she was sleeping when she heard pounding on her door and someone continually ringing her doorbell. The victim opened the door when Abigail rushed in, pushing the victim by the shoulders and onto the couch.

Abigail was yelling, saying that the victim was talking to her boyfriend. When Abigail was asked to leave because a child was asleep, Abigail said she didn’t care. The victim stated that her neighbors saw the entire incident.

Officer Maughan spoke with two witnesses who said they had seen what had happened. They stated that Abigail had knocked on the victim's door and saw her inside the victim's apartment, trying to start a fight.

One of the witnesses stated that Abigail told them she was going to confront the victim about talking to her boyfriend.

The victim told the officer that Abigail pushed her inside the apartment, left, and then re-entered the apartment to push the victim again. When the victim called the police, Abigail ran from the scene the scene.

Abigail was located at her residence and was asked to tell her side of the story. Abigail stated she knocked on the victim's door, and when she said she was going to call the police, Abigail said she left.

Officer Maughan asked why she had knocked on the door in the first place. Abigail said she didn't go over there but was going to her friend's house. She stated she knew she caused a scene and shouldn't have gone over there, but she wanted to ask the victim about talking to her boyfriend.

Abigail stated she had pushed the victim and admitted to being at the entrance to the door but said she didn't go inside the apartment. The officer told her multiple witnesses said she had entered the apartment, but she again said she didn’t go inside.

Abigail was asked how much she had to drink and said, "No more than normal."

Abigail submitted to a portable breath test, which showed positive for alcohol at .078 BrAC.

Abigail was placed into handcuffs and transported to the Uintah County Jail.


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