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A Duchesne man arrested for sexual abuse of a child and domestic violence


Duchesne, Ut.- On 8/9/23, law enforcement responded to a report of a child sex abuse incident. The reporting party stated that 44-year-old Scott Mitchell Horvath sexually molested her 11-year-old daughter.

The child was interviewed at the Children's Justice Center and said Scott had touched her private areas. This sexual abuse occurred at her home in Duchesne City on 8/9/23. The child gave some details of the house when Scott touched her inappropriately.

The child's mother informed law enforcement that she learned of this abuse when she had a home security video recording device record this incident. She stated there wasn't a video of the incident but audio of Scott sounding like he was being sexually pleasured. Scott was with the child at that time.

The mother later questioned her daughter about it, and she disclosed to her mother that Scott had her touch him "Down there."

The mother also told law enforcement on Saturday, 8/5/23, at her home in her bedroom. She and Scott got into an argument that escalated, and Scott strangled her to the point she was struggling to breathe and was close to losing consciousness.

The female still had marks on her neck from Scott ripping her neckless off. She also stated that her 11-year-old daughter was present during the incident. She had to tell her daughter to call 911.

The child also disclosed in the interview that she heard the domestic abuse and knew Scott was strangling her mother.

The female also informed law enforcement that Scott had a gun and threatened to commit suicide in the past.

Law enforcement responded to Scott's employment to arrest him, but Scott had already left and told his employer that he had an emergency and needed to leave.

On 8/9/23, at around 10:00 p.m., law enforcement went to Scott's house to make contact, but he didn't answer the door, and the lights were turned off. The female gave the police a key to the front door and consented to law enforcement to enter the home to find Scott.

Based on the consent, law enforcement entered the home and found Scott hiding in the bedroom with the door locked from the inside. Scott told the police he had a gun and would use it on law enforcement if they entered the room.

At this point, the police waited for a trained hostage negotiator to talk to Scott and convince Scott to leave the room peacefully.

This negotiation continued until 4:00 a.m. on 8/10/23, when Scott finally surrendered and was placed into custody without further incident. Scott told the negotiator he had drugs on him during the negotiation process.

A search warrant was approved, and the home was searched. The home security camera was found in the bedroom by the bed, and no firearms or drugs were found.

Scott appeared to be under the influence of drugs due to his erratic bodily movements and sores found on his body. Scott wasn't interviewed at this time to allow him to sober up and calm down.

Scott Horvath was booked into the Duchesne County Jail.

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