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A Drunk Male Attempts To Jump Out A Window Of A Home Once Police Arrive


Gusher, Ut.—On March 5th, 2024, Deputy Simmons was informed by dispatch of a welfare check and had received information that a male was intoxicated and could be possibly fighting with other individuals in the house.

When the deputy arrived, he was met at the door by the homeowner, who stated that the deputy needed to get inside quickly. As he entered the home, he saw a male and a female rolling around on the floor in the doorway.

The two were engaged in a physical altercation, and a female voice was screaming for the deputy to help her. Deputy Simmons ran to where the individuals were, and it appeared the male was trying to overpower the female. Deputy Simmons grabbed the male and ordered him to let go of the female.

The male looked at the deputy and immediately let go of the female. The male was moved into the hallway and placed face down while placed in handcuffs. The male, who was identified as 18-year-old Kyson Kemp, was informed that he was under arrest.

While the deputy was escorting Kyson from the residence, he had difficulty walking to the patrol vehicle. The female was identified as Kyson's mother, who stated that Kyson had been drinking earlier that night and was in an argument with his father.

Kyson's mother decided to go to the residence to check on Kyson. Once she arrived, Kyson started to yell at her. His mother became scared of how Kyson was acting, so she called 911.

Kyson's mother stated that once Deputy Simmons arrived on scene, Kyson ran toward his room, saying he was going to jump out of the window and leave. She was concerned for Kyson's health because of his condition and went to his room to stop him from jumping out of the window, at which point they both fell to the floor and started wrestling.

While on scene, Kyson provided a PBT, which indicated a positive reading for alcohol at a .20 BrAC.

Kyson was transported to the Uintah County Jail, where he was read his Miranda Rights.

Kyson stated he had been drinking, and when he arrived home, he and his father had gotten into an argument. After the argument, he went to his room; a time later, Kyson's mother showed up, and Kyson and his father got into another argument.

Kyson said he was trying to go to his room when his mother fell. He never mentioned wanting to jump out of his window.


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