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A Criminal History Check During A Traffic Stop Shows Driver With Multiple Drug Convictions


Myton, Ut.—On 3/9/24, at around midnight, Deputy Kearney was parked at 300 South and Center Street when a Chevy truck drove past the deputy without a working license plate light.

A routine traffic stop was conducted, and the deputy spoke with the vehicle's sole occupant. The driver identified himself as 53-year-old Bill Joseph Young.

The deputy ran a records check on the vehicle, and it returned, showing that Bill was on probation or parole. Bill stated he was currently on parole and was asked to exit the truck to conduct a search. Nothing illegal was found on Bill's person.

During the search of Bill's truck, a glove sitting on the front seat was found, and inside the glove was a glass pipe with burnt and white residue. In the other glove was a small clear plastic bag with meth.

Bill was arrested, put in the back of the patrol vehicle, and transported to the Duchesne County Jail.

A criminal history check was run and found multiple prior drug convictions within the last seven years. One was on 8/26/2018 out of 8th District Court Duchesne. The second was on 10/04/2022 out of 8th District Court Duchesne. Due to Bill's two prior drug convictions, within seven years, his controlled substance possession was enhanced to a third-degree felony.


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