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A Civil Dispute Over Property Starts A Fight Between Neighbors


| Uintah County | April 14th, 2024 |

Uintah County Deputies responded to the area of 4600 East and 1500 South Independence Road on an assault call.

Upon the deputies' investigation, it was found that 59-year-old Mark Miller had a civil dispute over property and went to the victim's residence to discuss the padlocks being changed and some other issues.

Deputies spoke with Mark at his home and noticed he had scratches and fresh blood-soaked tape around two of his fingers. Mark stated he had gotten into a small wrestling match with his neighbor.

The victim stated he was inside his house when Mark walked inside and flipped him off, tapping the victim's nose with his middle finger. The victim then pushed Mark out the door onto the porch, where a wrestling match started. The victim sustained bruising and swelling by his left eye socket.

The victim stated Mark was on top of him with his forearm shoved down on his throat to where he couldn't breathe. He whispered to Mark to stop because he couldn't breathe. Mark said something to the effect, "Good, I hope you die."

Mark got off the victim when his wife came home.

Mark was arrested for 3rd-degree felony aggravated assault as per state statute for domestic violence, being the primary aggressor in what turned into an aggravated assault for choking the victim with his forearm with enough force to impede the breathing of the victim. Mark was transported and booked into the Uintah County Jail.

All the articles that come from are from the affidavits & probable cause reports that the officers write. If you would like you can get a copy of the report from the website below. It does cost money to open every document you want to read.


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