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A Child Sex Offender Assaults A Prisoner At The Uintah County Jail

Posted by Travis Uresk | Nov. 10th, 2022 | Assault | **WARNING** GRAPHIC MATIERAL |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 10/26/22, Jailer Rieske was working the 3rd floor of the Uintah County Jail, and around 3:18, he received a call on the intercom from section K.

Rieske responded and informed him of a medical emergency in the section. He radioed for medical assistance and responded to section K. Laying on the floor of the dormitory was a male victim, around 50 years old, who was slow to respond to medical staff.

The victim said, "he felt like he had been hit by a truck and didn't remember why he was lying on the ground."

Rieske reviewed the video footage, and the victim was pacing along the partition of the dormitory area. At about 3:17, something caused the victim to pause and look toward inmate Boyd Flores. Inmate Flores jumped out of his bed and kicked the victim in the right knee. The victim fell to the ground, and Flores kicked the victim in the right knee again, then stomped on the male's hips with his right foot.

Boyd Dumapay Flores is being incarcerated in jail while awaiting trial for the rape of a child and aggravated sexual abuse of a child. He was found guilty of assault by a prisoner on this day.

I have read the affidavit for his sex crimes against children, which made me sick. The only good part is that he turned himself in for his crimes. The only reason he did this is that the children are now older, and he was found out about what he had done to them, and he knew he would go to jail anyway.

I will not write about it because what Boyd did to these children is very disgusting and wrong. I will post the indictment with a brief statement of what he did with some things blacked out. This animal is not normal and very disgusting and should never see the light of day for the rest of his useless life.


The affidavit is way worse then what is written in this indictment


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