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A 19-year-old Female Arrested For Child Abuse


Vernal, Ut.- On 2/29/24, Cpl Johnstun was dispatched to a 911 hang-up. He was advised that a 911 call came in, and the dispatcher could hear a female screaming.

The complainant stated that 19-year-old McKayla Marie Holton had attacked her. It was reported that McKayla was leaving in a black sedan, and the incident occurred at trailer 36. The victim was 16 years old.

The victim stated she and McKayla were arguing, and McKayla told the victim to leave the room. The victim refused, and they continued to argue. The victim said McKayla then attacked her.

The victim stated they fought in the bedroom and then went out into the living room, where the arguing and fighting continued. Mckayla then left the residence.

Cpl Johnstun noticed that the victim had a swollen left eye and scratches and red marks on her arm.

A witness stated she was in another room and heard the altercation between the two. The witness indicated McKayla and the victim were in the living room, and the victim said, "Let's fight like big girls then."

According to McKayla, she and the 16-year-old were arguing because the victim wanted to drive but didn't have a driver's license. McKayla said the victim was yelling at her and calling her names, so she smacked her in the mouth, and that is what started the physical fight.

The victim told McKayla to get off of her, and she did. When McKayla walked away, the victim followed behind, yelling at McKayla to fight her, and they began to fight in the living room. McKayla had another person take her to a friend's house to escape the victim.

Cpl Johnstun asked McKayla to return to the scene to fill out a written statement. McKayla stated she wasn't stupid and knew that the police would arrest her. She refused to return to the residence after being told she would end up with an arrest warrant if she avoided the police.

A female at the scene told Cpl Johnstun where McKayla was and was found by Officer McCurdy.

McKayla Holton was arrested for child abuse and transported to the Uintah County Jail.


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