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Woman Arrested For Harboring A Fugitive


Vernal, Ut. - On 11/14/23, Uintah County Deputies responded to assist AP&P in finding a fugitive that they attempted to stop, but he ran from them. The fugitive is Dylan Young, who has a Board of Pardons warrant along with some issues with his current living arrangements with AP&P.

Dylan managed to evade law enforcement that night, but they were able to locate his girlfriend, 20-year-old Kendra Marie Winters, who has an apartment in the Willow Park Apartment Complex. Kendra wasn't home, but the Deputies found her at her mother's home in Maeser.

While speaking with Kendra, she stated that she was upset with Dylan and wanted nothing to do with him over the incident. Kendra stated several times that she didn't know what had happened or why he had even ran from law enforcement.

Deputy Russell was explaining the issues of Kendra being around Dylan when they caught up with him, and she cut him off, saying, "I'll be going to jail probably."

On 11/17/23, Uintah County Deputies located Dylan in the 110 North 2500 West apartments. When Deputies arrived, they were able to contact Dylan and Kendra inside the apartment.

Sgt Watkins took custody of Dylan, and he was placed inside a patrol vehicle. Kendra was standing with a few other officers, and Deputy Russell approached her and explained that he would read her Miranda Rights. She said she understood them, and when asked if she would speak to the Deputy, she stated no.

Kendra was placed into handcuffs, escorted to the patrol vehicle, placed in the back seat, and then transported to the Uintah County Jail.

At the jail, Deputy Russell spoke with an AP&P agent who identified Dylan as he entered the house. The agent said that Kendra arrived at her apartment just before 1800 hours and was alone. Just after 1800 hours, Kendra left the residence in her car again alone.

The agent said that he was watching the apartment, and at approximately 1840 hours, Kendra arrived in her car with Dylan. The agent was able to get to a location where he could ID Dylan without alarming him.


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