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While Being Arrested, A Female Starts To Fight And Kicks An Officer

By Travis Uresk (1nationjustice)

Roosevelt, Utah 10/5/23

Officer Arnold observed an RV traveling eastbound on 300 North near 200 West with no tail lights. Arnold attempted to catch up to the vehicle as it traveled around the city, finally getting close enough to activate his emergency lights as the RV pulled over.

Officer Arnold approached the RV and made contact with the driver, 31-year-old Elizabethann Margarite Burns. The Officer had dispatch check Elizabethann’s driver’s license while he spoke with her.

Elizabethann stated that the RV was not insured and had not been registered. She was asked to exit the RV, and dispatch advised the Officer that Elizabethann had warrants. Arnold informed her that she was going to be placed under arrest for the warrants.

Elizabethann began fighting to stay out of the handcuffs and kicked another Officer several times. Once she was handcuffed and searched, she was placed in the back of a patrol vehicle. A tow truck was requested to tow the RV to be impounded for no insurance and registration.

After calling out for anyone else inside the RV to come out, the Officers made entry and began clearing the RV to be inventoried. While inside, a male subject was found in the back room and was detained. The male was taken outside and placed in a patrol vehicle.

Suspected bags of meth and a pipe were also found while inside. Cpl Barton deployed his police K9, showed a positive indication on the RV, and searched. Several baggies of meth residue, meth pipes, and other paraphernalia were found inside the RV.

Elizabethann was transported to the UBMC, where she was cleared medically. Both individuals were transported to the Duchesne County Jail to be booked.


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