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Vernal man arrested for selling prescription pills


Vernal, Ut.- On 1/25/24, The Uintah Basin Narcotics Strike Force worked with a CI on a drug case and made three separate controlled buys on a male subject located at 150 Easr 750 North in trailer 125.

Agent McGaha knocked on the front door when he heard a loud rumbling sound running through the trailer, and a male answered the door. The agent asked for permission to enter the residence, and he gave verbal consent for the Task Force to enter. Agent McGaha asked who the person running through the house was, and the male said Makayla ran through the house to the back bedroom.

In plain view, on the coffee table was a clear and black plastic baggie with pinkish pills inside. This type of baggie is consistent with the distribution of a controlled substance. When asked, the male stated they were his and liked to transport the pills.

The male was advised he was under arrest for distribution and was placed in handcuffs. The male stated he had a Lortab pill in his pocket. The pill was found to be consistent with Lortab.

The male was read his Miranda Rights and was asked if the agents were to apply for a search warrant for his residence, what would they find, and he stated they would find a meth pipe in his bathroom.

During the interview with the male, he stated he and his roommate, 55-year-old Lewis Lorenzo Rivas, distribute Fentanyl.

During the execution of the search warrant, agents found a white dresser in a locked room in the trailer. Inside the dresser in a spearmint container in a locked black box was some aluminum foil with burnt trials of suspected Fentanyl and other paraphernalia items.

In this black box was a prescription bottle of Subutex with a female's name on it and a red container with multiple prescription pills identified as Subutex, Gabapentin, Clonazepam, and Lorazepam were just a few of the many pills inside.

In a silver container, there were 66 blue M/30 Fentanyl pills, and in a black container, there were 16 blue M/30 Fentanyl pills and a clear container with meth inside of it. All prescription pills were bagged in unmarked baggies as if they were for sale.

On the bedside table was an orange tray with a cigarette pack with foil inside. On the foil were two suspected blue Fentanyl pills burnt with trail marks. A black container with marijuana wax and marijuana flower. Inside the nightstand were multiple items of paraphernalia. Also inside the nightstand were two prescription pill bottles without labels. Two prescription bottles with Rivas's name listed on them were on the bedside table.

A blue book labeled The New English Dictionary was hidden in a safe with a combination. On the edge of the book, there was a clear baggie sticking through the crack of the safe area. Inside the book, there were multiple baggies with prescription medications inside bagged for sale. These were identified as 19 Trazodone and 16 Furosemide 40mg tabs. There was also jewelry and a syringe with a clear liquid inside. Also found was a large glass bulb pipe with white residue and burnt sides.

Also located in the room were two documents with two different identifying information, social security numbers, and names. Prescription pills were identified as all needing a prescription from a doctor. There were no prescription bottles located with these pills identified.

Telephone contact was made with Lewis on 01/25/24 at 6:00 pm, and he stated he was on his way home. At 6:30 pm, Agent McGaha called Lewis again, and he said he was having a hard time finding a ride. Agent McGaha called Lewis multiple times, attempting to get him home to interview and arrest him.

At 7:00 pm, Lewis was trying to get a bail bondsman lined up. At 8:45 pm, he sent the agent a text saying he was still having a hard time finding a ride and had heard the agents were looking for a female, and she was freaking out.

Agent McGaha made telephone calls and text attempts from 1-25 through 1-29 and followed up with Lewis's roommate on 1/27. He said Lewis was hiding and possibly knew he was staying with other people but didn't know for sure.

The prescription pills were identified by using a pill finder and Lewis's writing in the ledger. Each is a Schedule 1 or needs a prescription to obtain:

1- Furosemide

2- Trazodone

3- Pilivia

4- Gabapentin

5- Alprazolam

6- Sublingual/Subutex

7- Oxycodone

8- Methadone

9- Lorazepam

10- Dexamethasone

11- Clonazepam

12- Suboxone

Other narcotics identified were

1- M/30 Fentanyl

2- Psilocybin mushrooms

3- Methamphetamine

4- Marijuana

There were multiple pills placed in baggies ready for distribution. Lewis Rivas has a long history of possession and distribution of a controlled substance conviction and was booked into the Uintah County Jail.


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