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Vernal City Police Get Information Where A Male With Warrants Is Staying


| Vernal, Ut. | April 16th, 2024 |

Vernal Police were informed that a male subject, 27-year-old Zachary Ralph Nodal, had warrants and was staying at the Vernal Best Value Inn at 260 West Main Street.

Officer Elmer ran Zachary’s information through the state system to verify he did have two active warrants for his arrest.

The officer went to Zachary's room and identified him by his driver's license. Zachary was arrested for the warrants and then asked if anyone else was inside the room, to which he stated no, there was not.

Zachary permitted the officer to check the room, and one of the officers observed a syringe on the bed. Zachary was asked if he had any medical conditions, such as diabetes, and he answered no.

Shortly after, the search warrant for Zachary's room was submitted and approved. A search was then conducted of the room, where multiple items of drug paraphernalia were found, along with a plastic cap containing Methamphetamine and a THC Vape.

During the search of the room, an assisting officer transported Zachary to the Uintah County Jail and booked him on his active warrants.

Once the search was complete, Officer Elmer met with Zachary at the jail and informed him that he would also be charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of controlled substance methamphetamine, and possession of controlled substance marijuana.

Officer Elmer ran a criminal history check and found that within the last seven years, he has been convicted multiple times for the possession of dangerous drugs.


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