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Uintah Basin Cold Cases

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Posted By Travis Uresk | June 24th, 2022 | Uintah Basin Cold Cases |

There are more than 450 cold cases throughout Utah which include homicides, missing persons, and unidentified deceased persons. Last legislative session, Utah lawmakers passed Senate Bill 160 which required all law enforcement agencies in Utah to enter their cold cases and missing persons cases into the database. The Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS) is spearheading the effort and has been provided funding for the database and for a fulltime cold case analyst.

Four divisions within DPS will support the database and its goal of bringing justice to victims and their families. The Department’s Crime Lab, State Bureau of Investigation (SBI), State Information and Analysis Center (SIAC) and the Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) will all have a hand in supporting cases entered into the database.

As part of the requirements of Senate Bill 160, cases that remain unsolved at least 3 years after the crime occurred, or any homicide that has gone unsolved, must be submitted into the database.

Along with the support from Senator Weiler, the development of the database was a collaborative effort between the Department of Public Safety, the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office, Salt Lake City Police, Unified Police Department, the Chiefs and Sheriffs Association, the Utah Cold Case Coalition, Statewide Association of Prosecutors among others.

UPDATE: 7/21/2022


The body of a woman who had been missing for more than a decade has been found in Duchesne County. These human remains were sent to the Utah Office of Medical Examiners for identification and were identified as those of Amy Louise Westreicher.

Westreicher was reported missing in 2010. She was around 32 years old at the time she vanished and had been living in the Roosevelt area a short time. It was reported that Westreicher went missing from a residence in the Duchesne County area.

Detectives with the Duchesne County Sheriff’s Office have searched for leads and information and Westreicher had been listed on missing person sites since then. Westreicher remains were found in the Duchesne County area by a landowner.

The circumstances of Amy’s disappearance is currently being investigated. If there is any known information about Amy’s disappearance, please call the Duchesne County Sheriff’s Office at 435-738-2015 or send an email to

DUCHESNE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – After over a decade of searching, the body of a missing Utah woman has been found.

Back in 2010, 32-year-old Amy Louise Westreicher had been living in the Roosevelt, Utah area when she was reported missing from a home in Duchesne County.

Detectives with the Duchesne County Sheriff’s Office had been searching for information on the disappearance of Westreicher ever since.

That is until Her remains were recently found in the county by a landowner.

The circumstances of her disappearance are still under investigation.

Finding Amy Westreicher


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