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Two Witnesses See A Male Slap And Choke A Female While At The Park In Ballard


On 12/9/23, at 3:00 am, it was reported that a male was currently assaulting a female, and he had a beer bottle in one hand. It was also reported that the male had choked the female, and the male had a gun in his truck.

Officers from the Roosevelt Police Department and Uintah County Sheriff's Department responded, and the male was taken into custody. Deputy Ouderkirk spoke with the two witnesses on the scene.

Witness One stated he saw the female get hit, choked, and slapped by the male suspect, and the witness tried to intervene but removed himself from the situation to avoid further escalation.

Witness Two stated that he was at the park with friends when he saw the male suspect arrive and approach the victim. He said the suspect was yelling at the victim, and the victim pushed the suspect away to leave the situation, and that is when the suspect began hitting the victim multiple times. The suspect then started to choke the victim. The witness attempted to intervene, but the suspect threatened him, so he backed away from the altercation to call 911.

The victim was quickly transported to the emergency room, and Deputy Ouderkirk later spoke to her on the phone. She stated that 20-year-old Sammuel Jay Williams was upset because of the friends she was hanging out with, so he went to the area where she was.

The victim said he got out of the truck and quickly approached her while she was standing next to her vehicle with the driver's side door open. Sammuel began yelling at her and then started to choke her. She stated he then rammed her head into the window of her vehicle. There was a noticeable smear on the rear driver's side door of the vehicle.

The victim stated that she was able to get Sammuel off of her and attempted to get into her vehicle and leave. She stated that Sammuel was able to get ahold of her once more and began choking her again. She stated that he was gripping her neck with both hands and, while doing so, said. "I'm going to kill you and leave your kids without a mom."

She also mentioned that earlier in the day (December 8, 2023), the offender had bit her leg during an altercation, which resulted in her bleeding from the wound.

 Sammuel denied these occurrences and stated that the victim was the one who hit him and smashed a beer can on his face. He also said that he never laid a hand on her because that was not how he was raised.

Deputy Ouderkirk recovered a loaded rifle and compound bow from the vehicle of Sammuel Williams.

Sammuel was transported to the Uintah County Jail, where he was booked on the charges of aggravated assault (DV), intoxication, and carrying a firearm while under the influence of alcohol.

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