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Two individuals known to law enforcement were pulled over for speeding and then got a trip to jail


Naples, Ut. (1/17/24) Officer McGaha was traveling North on 500 East when a vehicle approached his location quicker than the posted speed limit. The officer engaged his radar and saw a speed of 43 mph in a 35 mph zone.

Officer McGaha followed the vehicle, turning East on 2500 South. The vehicle started to pull away from the officer, who was traveling 35 mph, and the vehicle he was following was traveling 41 mph in a 35 mph zone.

A traffic stop was initiated at 1350 East and 2500 South. The officer observed a male known as Christian Buckmaster from previous encounters. Officer McGaha has arrested Christian on previous occasions for drugs. Buckmaster provided a Utah ID card and said he was working on his license.

There was a female in the passenger seat, and the officer asked her for her information. She verbally identified herself as 26-year-old Hailey Dove Goddard.

Officer McGaha returned to his patrol vehicle to perform a driver's check on them. Christian's license was invalid, and Goddard's came back as valid.

Buckmaster was searching for his proof of insurance when Officer McGaha asked him to step out of the car. Buckmater's eyes were bloodshot and glossy, and he was acting with erratic movements. Hailey was showing the same kind of actions.

Buckmaster was checked for weapons and asked if anything was illegal in the vehicle. He stated not that he knew of and looked toward the car's passenger side. The officer asked if he could search the vehicle, and he consented.

Goddard was asked out of the car, searched for weapons, and asked for permission to search her purse, and she said it was ok.

Hailey's purse had a plastic straw with white residue inside, and there was also a small baggie with white residue in it. Hailey was asked what was found inside her purse and told she would be arrested. She also had another tooter and some foil in her pants. She retrieved these items and said there was meth inside.

Hailey said she possibly had Fentanyl in the tooter as she smoked Fentanyl and meth earlier in the day.

Officer McGaha asked if Buckmaster had smoked with her, and she said he did.

At this time, Hailey was advised that she was under arrest and placed in the back of a patrol vehicle.

Dispatch was asked to send another unit in case Buckmaster was found to be impaired. Buckmaster was asked when the last time he had smoked meth was, and he stated he smoked this morning but was unclear what time it was, then stopped answering questions. He did agree to the Standard Field Sobriety Tests. (SFST's)

After the SFST's Officer McGaha advised Buckmaster, he was under arrest for DUI. Dispatch performed a criminal history check, and there were no prior DUI convictions. Trooper Searle transported Buckmaster to get a blood draw.

Buckmaster called the registered owner for vehicle insurance, and she arrived on the scene to provide proof. The vehicle was released to the registered owner.

Before transport, Goddard and Buckmaster were smoking a cigarette when Goddard remembered paraphernalia in her shoe under the insole. McGaha located the foil with burn marks, which Goddard stated were fentanyl pill chase marks from smoking a pill on the foil.

Dispatch ran a criminal history on Goddard; the check came back with her having multiple possession of a controlled substance convictions from misdemeanor to felony 3.

After medical clearance, Goddard and Buckmaster were taken to the Uintah County Jail.

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