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Two Employees At A Duchesne Gas Station Get Into A Wresting Match


Duchesne, Ut. - At around 11:00 pm on 11/7/23, dispatch received an aggravated assault call that occurred at the Gateway Sinclair located at 655 West Main Street.

Deputy Borrelli arrived on scene and contacted the manager, who stated that two employees were arguing, and then it became physical. The manager downloaded the security footage to a flash drive to show the deputy what had happened.

When the security footage was played, it showed 43-year-old Travis Keith Zukowski and another person standing behind the counter talking. They began to argue and then got closer to each other's faces. This continues for a while until they separate and start arguing from a distance.

The second person is seen getting closer to Travis again and then pushes his shoulder into Travis's shoulder. Travis quickly raises both arms, places both hands around his co-worker's throat, and strangles his co-worker. The co-worker was able to get free, and Travis got behind his co-worker, wrapping his arm around his co-worker's throat, and started choking again.

They both fall to the ground, causing Travis to lose his grip, and his co-worker gets behind Travis, wraps his arm around Travis's throat, and starts to choke him. They roll around on the floor for a while, stop fighting, and start arguing again. After arguing, the co-worker went to help a customer who was standing at the counter watching them fight. Travis is seen leaving the store using his phone with the manager.

Once the manager arrived at the store, the co-worker was sent home due to what Travis told her. Both employees claimed they were attacked, so the manager believed it was best to call dispatch.

After a review of the security footage, Deputy Borrelli believed Travis was the primary aggressor and was placed under arrest and transported to the Duchesne County Jail, where he was booked for aggravated assault.

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Oh my hell! 🤦‍♀️🤣🤣🤣 thanks for the laugh!

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Travis Uresk
Travis Uresk
09. Dez. 2023
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I wonder what that customer thought when those two were choking each other? LOL

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