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Ryan Dee Foreman Arrested Again Just Days After Being Released From Jail

Posted by Travis Uresk | Jan. 26th, 2023 | Alcohol & Violation of Protective Order |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 1/17/2023, Deputy Russell was dispatched to the report of a possible domestic at the Comfort Inn room 205 located at 2500 West 1500 South in Uintah County. The complainant reported that a male subject had been yelling at a female in the room near hers for approximately 40 minutes but was unsure if it had been physical.

When Deputy Russell arrived on the scene and made contact with the victim, whom he recognized from prior interactions, she answered the door to room 205. Deputy Russell could hear a male voice in the background. The victim said she was in the room alone and had been hearing some arguing but thought it was across the hall.

Deputy Russell then made contact with the complainant, who advised that the yelling had been coming from the room next to her and could hear the Deputy speaking to the female that answered the door.

The complainant advised that Deputy Russell had been in the right room and that the yelling had been one-sided and only coming from the male subject.

Deputy Russell returned to room 205 and again knocked on the door. The victim again answered the door and was asked to step out of the room and speak to him. Deputy Russell had been called there for the report of a possible domestic.

The victim asked if she could just go back into the room and go to bed. The Deputy asked the victim who else was in the room, and she would not say anything. When Deputy Russell asked if it was Ryan Dee Foreman due to his prior involvement with both parties, the victim nodded yes.

The victim advised that she did not have any warrants but knew there was a protective order between her and Ryan. She said that Ryan had just gotten out of jail a few days before.

While speaking with the victim at the door, Ryan continued to yell at her to shut the door and come back inside because the police had no reason to be there. Once dispatch confirmed that there was a protective order between Ryan and the female Deputy, Russell asked Ryan to come to the door.

When Ryan came to the door, he was completely naked and was told to put some pants on and then to come to the door. Ryan then closed the door and got dressed before returning. Once outside the door, Deputy Russell informed Ryan that there was an active protective order and placed him under arrest.

While speaking with Ryan, Deputy Russell could smell the strong odor of alcohol coming from his person. Ryan continued to yell while in the hallway of the Hotel, so Ryan was escorted out of the Hotel and placed in the patrol vehicle.

Ryan was asked how much he had to drink, to which he would not answer. Ryan was transported to the Uintah County Jail for violating a pretrial protective order by being in the same hotel room as the victim.

Due to Ryan being intoxicated, he was also booked on intoxication, Ryan being a danger to the victim if being left and causing a disturbance to the rooms around him. Ryan was causing a public annoyance by making unreasonable noise in a private place that could be heard in public.

Due to Ryan being currently on probation with Vernal City Justice court with a no alcohol clause, Ryan was also booked for possession/consumption of alcohol by an interdicted person.

This protective order violation is a felony violation that Ryan committed after being released from jail only a couple of days prior. Ryan is currently out on a pretrial for the prior charges of domestic assault against the victim and is already back staying with her putting her in danger.

Ryan is also on probation with Vernal City Justice court with a no alcohol clause as part of his agreement and advised that he has been drinking and provided a positive sample at the jail of .3 before being taken to the hospital for medical clearance.

Ryan's actions showed that he is unwilling to follow the court's stipulations and is being held in jail without bail.

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