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A Vernal Man Wakes Up Late For Work, Kicks Girlfriend In The Ribs

Updated: Jul 1

Posted by Travis Uresk | Jan. 8th, 2023 | Domestic Violence |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 01/03/2023, at about 5:16 pm, Cpl Pummell was dispatched to a report of a Domestic incident. Upon his arrival, Cpl Pummell contacted a female who was later identified as the victim of an assault.

The female was upset and crying. Cpl Pummell asked the victim if the male, who he knew as 38-year-old Ryan Dee Foreman, was home. She told me he was gone and permitted the Cpl to check the residence.

Cpl Pummell went upstairs and found two young girls in a room who told him that Ryan was asleep and that the victim woke him up at about 4:00 pm. The girls told Cpl Pummell that Ryan was mad because he was late for work, and he knocked the victim onto the floor and started to kick her.

From Ryan Dee Foreman's Facebook Page

The girls said that Ryan told them if they called the police, he would kick them the same way.

Both girls told Cpl Pummell that they were afraid of Ryan and didn't feel safe around him.

Cpl Pummell spoke to the victim, who said that Ryan was drunk when he woke up.

The victim told Cpl Pummell that Ryan was mad because he was woken up late and that Ryan knocked her onto the ground and started kicking her in the right side of the body.

Ryan Dee Foreman

The victim said that when this happened, the two young girls ran into the bedroom and watched as Ryan kicked her. The victim told Cpl Pummell that Ryan threatened the girls that if they called the police, he would kick them too.

The victim told the Cpl that she thought Ryan had broken her ribs.

Based on this information, the victim was transported to the hospital and was told that she didn't have broken ribs.

Another one from Ryan Dee Foreman's Facebook page

Ryan was located by Naples Police at his work.

Ryan had been drinking and submitted to a PBT test. The results were .238.

A records check showed that Ryan had at least two convictions of Domestic Violence Assaults and was on probation in Vernal Justice Court with an alcohol clause.

Based on the above information, Ryan was booked into the UCSO Jail on 1 count of Domestic Violence Assault with 2 priors, a 3rd-degree felony, 2 counts of domestic violence in the presence of a child, 1 count of intoxication, 1 count of interruption of a communication device, and 1 count of possession of alcohol by an interdicted person.



The victim most likely will bail him out.. And go back to him, yuh think? Wow. Being kicked like a dog? Ryan Foreman is an asshole!!

Travis Uresk
Travis Uresk

You are probably right and yes he is an asshole!!

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