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Police Escort A Female To The Floor Inside The Roosevelt Library

By Travis Uresk 11/20/23

Roosevelt, Ut. - On 11/15/23, Officer Arnold was at the Roosevelt Library when he saw a female sitting inside that he recognized as 31-year-old Elizabethann Margari Burns.

Burns is known to have warrants, so Officer Arnold did a criminal check on her on his computer and found that she had a no-bail warrant out of 8th District Court Duchesne. The officer returned to the library, where he made contact with Burns and asked her to come and speak with him outside, but she wouldn't.

Burns wanted to know what they needed to talk about, and the officer asked her why she hadn't been to court yet. Burns said she forgot about it but had a court date scheduled. Burns began to argue when she was informed that a warrant was out for her arrest. Officer Arnold told Burns the library was not the place to argue and fight, but she continued to argue.

Burns then started running, and Arnold chased her to the bathroom. Burns opened the bathroom door and threw her things inside as the officer grabbed her. After struggling with her for a while, Officer Arnold was able to escort her to the ground, but she locked her hands together under her stomach.

Burns was ordered to put her hands behind her back, and she refused. Arnold was able to get one hand out, and she started to comply a little better, and the officer was able to get her into handcuffs.

Officer Arnold escorted Burns out to his patrol vehicle as another officer pulled up and got out. Burns turned her head and spat toward the other officer as Officer Arnold was taking her down the sidewalk. At the patrol vehicle, Arnold was checking her handcuffs and searching Burns, at which point she kicked the other officer in the knee. After the search, Burns was taken to the Roosevelt Police Department.

While at the Police Station, Burns wouldn't let the officers check her blood pressure, so she was transported to UBMC for medical clearance. On the way to the hospital, Burns began yelling at the nurses and continued to do so throughout the entire duration she was in the hospital, despite being told to stop several times.

While at the hospital, Officer Arnold checked her belongings and found two credit/debit cards in Burns' wallet that didn't belong to her or her husband. When asked about the cards, Burns said, "She had found them and hadn't seen the people they belong to to give them back yet."

After being medically cleared, Burns was transported to the Duchesne County Jail, where she was booked for the two financial cards, assault on a peace officer, propelling substance at an officer, Interference with the officer (resisting arrest), disorderly conduct after the command to stop, and the warrant.


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