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Pedophilia, Human Trafficking In Hollywood, Politics & Amber Alerts?

By Travis Uresk | July 31st 2022 | Celebrity Pedophiles | *Graphic Material* |

Elvis Presley with 14- year old Priscilla Beaulieu in Germany in 1959

He doesn’t really need an introduction. He began a affair with Priscilla Beaulieu in 1959 when she was only 14 years old, which is put under the carpet now. He later married her when she was 21.

Joel Williamson's book "Elvis Presley: A Southern Life" talks about how Presley spent time with children. Williamson writes while on tour, he preyed on three 14-year-old girls who'd pillow fight, wrestle, tickle, and even kiss him when has 22 years old.

Numerous reports claimed that Presley went as far as drugging his only wife, spiking her amphetamines to keep her awake through their sex sessions.

Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry was a legendary American musician who is one of the architects of rock and roll music. He was ranked fifth on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.

He was arrested in 1959 for transporting a 14-year-old girl across state lines. He was sentenced to three years in prison in January 1962 for offenses under the Mann Act, after a very short trial.

But that was almost 60 years ago, some might say: different time, different morals! Well, kinda. That he was then accused of installing a video camera in the ladies’ toilet of his Missouri restaurant is less easy to jazz hands away, given that it happened in the not wildly distant year of 1989. After tapes from this camera were found in Berry’s home, he was given a suspended sentence and settled a class action with 59 women.

Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski is a Polish born film director. His most acclaimed movies are Rosemary’s Baby (1968) and Chinatown (1974).

In 1977 he was arrested for drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl, Samantha Geimer. He was charged with five offenses. He pleaded not guilty to all charges. In 1978 he fled to France hours before his sentence. Because he fled before sentencing his charges are still pending. He will be arrested immediately upon entering USA. It is also rumored that he slept with the star of his movie Tess, Natassja Kinski, who was underage at the time.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is one of most famous and greatest entertainers of all time. In 1993 Evan Chandler accused Michael Jackson of sexually abusing his 13-year-old son, Jordan Chandler. A lawsuit was filed against him which he settled out of the court. Michael paid the Chandlers $23 million as financial settlement.

After the release of the documentary, Living with Michael Jackson, in which he said that he saw nothing wrong with having sleepovers with minors and sharing his bedroom, he was charged by the Santa Barbara authorities with seven counts of child molestation and two counts of intoxicating Gavin Arvizo, a a cancer patient in remission who was thirteen years old at the time with alcoholic drinks in 2003. There was a trial which went on for four months, at the end of which the jury returned with the verdict of not guilty.

Jerry Lee Lewis

Yes, it was 1958. But even back then, a 22-year-old marrying his 13-year-old cousin while still married to another woman was scandalous. And yet that's exactly what Jerry Lee Lewis, one of rock ’n’ roll's most important pioneers, did.

There's one detail that is particularly unsettling: When Brown moved out of her parents' house to join Lewis on tour, she packed her belongings in the only container she had — her dollhouse.

"It's been as if my life has gone on without my permission. I have been a bystander in my life," she told the Philadelphia Inquirer in 1989.

At 14, the couple had a child, who would die in a swimming pool accident three years later. Lewis' infidelity and drug use further strained the marriage, and they got divorced in 1971.

R. Kelly

This one is dark. R. Kelly was a rising producer when he met teenage singer Aaliyah Haughton. He became the producer and lead songwriter for her debut album. He illegally married Aaliyah in 1994 when she was 14 and he was more than a decade her senior. He even had the guts to name her debut album, Age Ain't Nothing but a Number. "The marriage was quickly annulled once Aaliyah's family and the public found out," reported the Chicago Sun-Times, but more troubling allegations involving underage girls would continue to pile up around Kelly. In 2002, Chicago prosecutors charged Kelly with 21 counts related to child pornography, mostly revolving around one sex tape involving a then-35-year-old Kelly and a 14-year-old girl that included intercourse, fellatio, and urination. Yes, this is the incident Dave Chappelle mercilessly ridiculed on his Comedy Central show in 2003, but you have to remember — there was a real 14-year-old girl in that video, according to her friend's testimony at the trial. The charges against Kelly did not result in a conviction.

Journalist Jim DeRogatis was the pop music critic at the Sun-Times when someone anonymously shipped two sex tapes starring R. Kelly to the paper. When DeRogatis described the case against R. Kelly to our former sister paper Village Voice two years ago, he used the descriptor "stomach-churning."

"Dozens of girls — not one, not two, dozens — with harrowing lawsuits," he said. "The videotapes — and not just one videotape, numerous videotapes. And not Tommy Lee/Pam Anderson, Kardashian fun video. You watch the video for which he was indicted and there is the disembodied look of the rape victim. He orders her to call him Daddy. He urinates in her mouth and instructs her at great length on how to position herself to receive his 'gift.' It's a rape that you're watching. So we're not talking about rock star misbehavior, which men or women can do. We're talking about predatory behavior. Their lives were ruined. Read the lawsuits!"

Steven Tyler

Julia Holcomb had just turned 16 when she met the Aerosmith singer at a concert in Portland, Oregon. She had not lived a happy life before meeting him. Her father abandoned her mother early on, and her younger brother died in a car accident when she was 13.

She was in a fragile place when a 24-year-old woman befriended her, dressed her in revealing clothing, and got them backstage at an Aerosmith concert.

Holcomb tells this account in a 5,000-word essay on Life Site, an anti-abortion blog with an obvious agenda. Perhaps as a result, she skips the details of how she and Tyler met and skips to her mother granting Tyler guardianship over her, the reason being so that he could bring her on tour with him over state lines.

Tyler ended up impregnating her, and by her account, they almost ended up married. Things soured, however, and Tyler pressured her to get an abortion at five months, one week before the legal limit. She went through with it, moved home, and except for a few phone calls, never heard from Tyler again.


John of God- Back in 2010, talk show guru Oprah Winfrey dedicated an entire episode of her show to a self-professing “faith healer” with whom she claims she had a “blissful” encounter. But as reported, this “faith healer” has since been exposed as a serial rapist who had actually been operating a massive child “sex slave farm” and “birth factory” behind his religious facade.

A cult leader known as “John of God” has been accused of running a sex slave farm and selling babies to the highest bidder on the black market.

Joao Teixeira de Faria was arrested a week after over 600 allegations were made against him in what prosecutors say could be the worst serial crimes case in Brazil’s history.

John of God achieved international fame after being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and having a list of famous visitors, including Bill Clinton and Naomi Campbell.

Clinton called “John of God” his spiritual adviser.

Lesbian flings, prostitution & abuse lies: Oprah’s ‘hidden’ life

By Jeremy Olshan

New York Post

Oprah Winfrey — who built a billion-dollar empire persuading everyone from celebs to average Joes to reveal the truth about themselves — is a big phony when it comes to her own past, an explosive new book charges.

Winfrey’s relationship with longtime “love” Stedman Graham, her reputed dirt-poor upbringing in rural Mississippi, her rumored lesbian crushes on women such as Diane Sawyer — all are stories she has manipulated for decades in the name of sensational ratings, according to writer Kitty Kelley’s latest unauthorized biography “Oprah.”

The much-anticipated book details how:

* Winfrey concocted stories about sexual abuse she suffered as a child — and grossly exaggerated the poverty she was brought up in.

* She went to great lengths to conceal her “lesbian affairs” — including hefty payoffs — and publicly attached herself to Graham to appear more normal to her audience of housewives.

* She lavished romantic gifts — including a diamond toe ring — on ABC talking head Diane Sawyer.

* Winfrey sold her body to earn extra money and has even described herself as a teen “prostitute.”

* She doesn’t know the true identity of her biological father.

* Her relationship with her own mother is so cold that Winfrey won’t even let the older woman have her phone number.

Winfrey was born in Kosciusko, Miss., in 1954, and, the way she likes to tell it, she was so impoverished that she never had any new dresses or dolls and had to adopt two cockroaches as pets, naming them Melinda and Sandy.

But her family says that’s nonsense.

She may not have been well off, but Oprah was relatively “spoiled” as a little girl, her cousin said.

“Where Oprah got that nonsense about growing up in filth and roaches I have no idea,” said the relative, Katherine Carr Esters. “I’ve confronted her and asked, ‘Why do you tell such lies?’ Oprah told me, ‘That’s what people want to hear. The truth is boring.’ ”

A friend of Esters added that the manipulation of her past is a key to her success.

“Every move is calculated to further her brand and lift her image, which is why she does good works,” Jewette Battles said.

As a teen, Winfrey was a wild child, promiscuous to the point of prostitution, her relatives said.

The future star would steal from her mother’s purse, pawn her jewelry and even turn tricks. She was eventually sent to live in Nashville with Vernon Winfrey, who was her mother’s former lover and who is listed on her birth certificate as her father. He has been described as the domineering disciplinarian who set her straight.

Later, determined to become rich and famous, Winfrey was ready to change her story to her advantage, making sure she cultivated her image as an everywoman, the book alleges.

That meant she had to quell rumors about her sexuality.

At one point, the rumors included seamy talk at ABC about a relationship between Winfrey and Sawyer when Oprah worked there.

Employees there described “giggly late-night phone calls” and a series of lavish gifts from Winfrey — including gigantic sprays of orchids and a 1-carat diamond toe ring — to Sawyer.

Despite such rumors, Kelley concludes Winfrey is “asexual.”

Still, she quotes sources describing how, in 1989, Winfrey was insistent on paying Tim Watts, an ex-boyfriend, $50,000 to keep quiet about her lesbian affairs and the fact that her brother, who died of AIDS, was gay.

“He said she did not want him to talk about her brother being gay,” said Judy Lee Colteryahn, who also dated Watts.

“It’s no big deal to have a brother who is homosexual, but apparently it was to Oprah. Tim also said he knew about some lesbian affairs.”

As for Winfrey’s very public relationship with Graham, the pair do not even share a bedroom, according to the book.

Landscape architect James van Sweden of Oehme, who spent years working for the couple, said he planned to design a space for a wedding in front of their new estate but knew immediately after watching them together that there would never be a wedding.

“Oprah keeps Stedman around because she wants her audience to accept her as a normal woman with a man in her life, but from what I saw during those four years, I can tell you there’s nothing there with Stedman. Nothing at all,” he said.

“He’s simply a fixture in her life,” van Sweden added. “Window-dressing.”

According to her father, Vernon, Oprah admitted that she was not in love with Stedman.

“I’m in like . . . not in love,” she told him, according to the book.

She did reportedly have one affair with a man — “Entertainment Tonight’s” John Tesh, while the two were working in Nashville.

According to Tesh’s ex, he broke things off because he couldn’t deal with the stigma of being an interracial couple.

“He said one night he looked down and saw his white body next to her black body and couldn’t take it any more,” the ex said. “He walked out in the middle of the night.”

Winfrey has played coy on Tesh.

Vernon Winfrey says he’s been dismayed by how Oprah plays fast and loose with the truth.

“She may be admired by the world, but I know the truth,” he says. “So does God and so does Oprah. Two of us remain ashamed.”

Vernon reserves his harshest words for Winfrey’s best friend, Gayle King, who put the kibosh on a biography he was working on.

Calling her a “dirt hog” and “street heifer,” he blames King for a rift in his relationship with Oprah.

“She’s become too close to that woman Gayle,” he says.

King and others in Oprah’s entourage worked hard to keep a tight grip on employees in order to keep her out of the tabloids.

“I thought I would be working for the warm and fuzzy person I saw on television,” a former employee at Winfrey’s Harpo production company said. “But, God, I was conned. It’s a cult at Harpo. So oppressive it’s frightening.”

Perhaps the biggest secret of the book is left a secret.

Oprah allegedly does not know the true identity of her father.

Esters told Kelley who he is, on the condition she not publish the information until Winfrey’s mother comes clean to her daughter.

“And you’ll know when that happens because Oprah will probably have a show on finding your real father,” Esters said. “As I said, the girl wastes nothing.”



You have to admit that she seems to be “the chosen one” among her demographic. How did a daytime TV talk show host wind up attending Bilderberg and the WEF? There was a time when such claims would qualify Alex for the looney bin in most peoples’ minds, but the invisibility of the Luciferian aristocracy is wearing thin.

BTW: there does seem to be some kind of special hostility that Luciferians have against black children.

Oprah says old, prejudiced white people "just have to die" to end racism

Jerry Harris

Jerry Harris, who gained celebrity on the Netflix docuseries Cheer, was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison on July 6, 2022, for soliciting sex from minors and pressuring young boys to send him inappropriate photos and videos.

In February 2022, Harris pleaded guilty to two charges for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old in the bathroom during a cheer competition, and for paying a 17-year-old to send him sexually explicit photos and videos via Snapchat, per court records. He admitted to similar conduct involving other minors, but those charges were dismissed as part of the plea agreement.

Harris had initially been arrested in September 2020, an event which sparked others to share their own accounts of abuse in the world of competitive cheerleading.

Kyle Massey

Former Disney Channel star Kyle Massey was charged with a felony in June 2021 for allegedly sending pornographic photos to a 13-year-old girl. This is tied to his 2019 civil lawsuit, in which the child in question is sued him for $1.5 million for allegedly sending “numerous sexually explicit text messages, images, and videos” via Snapchat.

Hollywood Celebrities’ Tweets Surface Involving Pedophilia and Child Rape

After James Gunn was fired by Disney for a number of sickening tweets involving pedophilia and child rape, more celebrities’ old Tweets are being exposed which cover the same subject. Those celebrities include Sarah Silverman, who stars in Disney’s upcoming Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It-Ralph 2, James Gunn American filmmaker and actor was fired and rehired by Disney, Patton Oswalt, who lends his voice to a number of animated cartoons like Justice League Action, Spider-Man, and Disney’s Big Hero 6.

NAMBLA-The North American Man/Boy Love Association is a pedophilia and pederasty advocacy organization in the United States. It works to abolish age-of-consent laws criminalizing adult sexual involvement with minors and campaigns for the release of men who have been jailed for sexual contacts with minors that did not involve what it considers coercion.

The group no longer holds regular national meetings, and as of the late 1990s—to avoid local police infiltration—the organization discouraged the formation of local chapters. Around 1995, an undercover detective discovered there were 1,100 people on the organization's rolls.

NAMBLA was the largest group in International Pedophile and Child Emancipation (IPCE), an international pro-pedophile activist organization. Since then, the organization has dwindled to only a handful of people, with many members joining online pedophile networks, according to Xavier Von Erck, director of operations at the anti-pedophile organization Perverted-Justice. As of 2005, a newspaper report stated that NAMBLA was based in New York and San Francisco.

Mark Zuckerberg Joins The North American Man-Boy Love Association, And Other Adventures In Facebook Groups

Chrissy Teigen has come under fire for deleting over 60,000 tweets after some questionable posts re-surfaced.

These posts resulted in users wondering whether Chrissy Teigen was potentially tied to Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced pedophile.

Reports suggest that Teigen not only deleted 60,000 tweets, but also blocked an additional 1 million Twitter users from being able to see her account.

In 2011.

This is just some examples of the 60,000 tweets that have now been deleted.

She also made jokes about “tying” kids in the basement and made references to disgraced politician Anthony Weiner.

More screenshots of the deleted tweets, below:

Online conspiracy theorists have targeted Chrissy Teigen, a former Sports Illustrated model, celebrity food blogger, and wife of singer John Legend, accusing her of being connected to pedophile sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. In response to online allegations that flight logs prove she flew on Epstein’s private jet to Little St. James, also known as “sex slave island,” Teigen has deleted some 60,000 past tweets and blocked 1 million Twitter users. Teigen adamantly denies these rumors. “I have never even met the man,” she tweeted on July 10, “Or been to the island. Or on the plane.” Online conspiracies connect the Epstein allegations to her past tweets about the hit TLC reality television show “Toddlers & Tiaras.” In one now-deleted tweet from 2011, Teigen wrote, “Seeing little girls do the splits half naked is just … I want to put myself in jail. #toddlersandtiaras In reference to her 2011 tweet, Tiegen wrote on Twitter, “Finding me talking about toddlers and tiaras in 2013 and thinking you’re some sort of f***ing operative.” True to Teigen’s bare-all style, she has used Twitter to express her anger and desperation with the embarrassing controversy and widening public relations nightmare. Yesterday, in a hysterical Twitter thread, Teigen wrote, “I have block chained over one million people, ONE MILLION people today and I am still flooded with sick psychopaths. So please, spare me the ‘just ignore them, they’re just trolls.’” As she attempts to clear her and her family’s name from the sick and twisted Epstein saga, Teigen used Twitter to position herself as a victim of online harassment, saying she fears for her family’s safety. “… I cannot f***ing STAND you idiots anymore and I’m worried for my family” Teigen is also threatening to leave the platform if Twitter and CEO Jack Dorsey do not find a way to protect her from her online critics, “If twitter doesn’t do something about this *actually scary* harassment, I am gonna have to go.” If Teigen deletes her Twitter account, she will lose a powerful tool in her self-promotion marketing machine. Even after deleting upwards of one million followers, she still has more than 13 million remaining followers on the platform. At the moment, Teigen’s Twitter account is protected, so people not already following her are unable to see her tweets. Ironically, Teigen is one of social media’s most prolific trolls and has unabashedly orchestrated some of the biggest cancel culture online moments. In May, Teigen cancelled New York Times food columnist and blossoming celebrity chef Alison Roman by fueling a Twitter mob that accused Roman of being “racist” because she called Teigen’s cooking website a “content farm.”

Barry with an unknown female child

Barry with his kids

Joe Biden kissing his granddaughter

Marina Abramović Breaks Her Silence on Being Labeled a Satanist

By Helen Holmes • 04/22/20

Besides earning her spot as one of the world’s most famous and talented performance artists, Marina Abramović has also inadvertently become one of the most divisive public figures currently working in the arts. In January, Christie’s announced an upcoming collaboration with Abramović and Microsoft that would involve Abramović ‘s work This Life being projected to audiences via “mixed reality” headsets. A Microsoft YouTube video promoting the project was subsequently down-voted en masse by detractors and conspiracy theorists, encouraged by Reddit threads and Infowars, who labeled Abramović “the queen of occult symbolism” and a “Spirit Cooking priestess.”

Such profoundly Salem-flavored denouncements of Abramović’s work have followed her throughout her career, but they evidently increased exponentially when the WikiLeaks dump of John Podesta’s emails unearthed brief correspondence with Abramović in which she talked about a “Spirit Cooking” dinner at her residence that he was invited to.

Abramović has spoken extensively about the tensions involved with offering up her body and femininity to the public as part of her performance art. However, she’s rarely, if ever, addressed accusations from conspiracy theorists of her loyalty to occult practices, until now. “I need to open my heart,” Abramović told the New York Times in a new interview. “I really want to ask these people, ‘Can you stop with this? Can you stop harassing me? Can’t you see that this is just the art I’ve been doing for 50 years of my life?'”

Indeed, Abramović’s art has frequently involved blood, bodies, nudity, pain and tension, but that doesn’t maker a demonic worshipper of dark entities; it just makes her daring! “I am personally afraid that any kind of lunatic with a gun will come and shoot me, because they think I’m a Satanist,” Abramović continued in her Times interview.

And if Marina Abramović is scared of nutcase conspiracy theorists, she probably has a really good reason to be, because there’s not too much that can spook her: earlier this month, the performance artist told the Times that she hasn’t thought once about the possibility of contracting the coronavirus. Plus, it must be said that as far as conspiracy theories go, accusing famous artists of worshipping Satan is very tired and dated. You’d think they’d have come up with something else by now, but during a pandemic, new material must be pretty thin on the ground.


Chrissy Teigen (Top) Marina Abramović (Bottom)

"Spirt Cooking"

Lady Gaga with Marina Abramović

Jay-Z with Marina Abramović

"Spirt Cooking"

Gwen Stefani

Marina Abramović, Lady Gaga, James Franco and Courtney Love

Some of Marina Abramović's "art"

Courtney Love with Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew with under age female

Prince Andrews and Jeffery Epstein

Clinton Pastor, Who Adopted Orphans in Haiti, Arrested for ‘Sickening’ Child Sex Crimes

By Sean Adl-Tabatabai March 12, 2022

U.S. Pastor Corrigan Clay, 43, adopted orphans in Haiti and boasted numerous celebrity clients, including: the Clintons, Oprah, Donna Karan, Chan Luu, Disney, Rainn Wilson, Olivia Wilde, Maria Bello, Petra Nemcova, Ben Stiller, and Kim Kardashian.

Child welfare authorities in Florida confirmed in January that James Corrigan Clay violently raped the children he adopted with his ex-partner, Shelley Jean, in Haiti.

Shelley Clay, his ex-wife, attended a Clinton Global Initiative meeting in New York.

Yahoo News reports: Clay sexually abused the unidentified child from January 2014 to December 2017, the indictment states. No further details are provided in the filing, except that the alleged victim was under 18. But Clay’s ex-wife, with whom he had two biological children in addition to the pair they adopted, told The Daily Beast on Friday that the illicit conduct involved one of their own kids.

Shelley Jean Clay, who split from Clay more than a decade ago and now operates a Haitian-focused crafts market in Florida, declined to provide further details about the allegations, emphasizing that she was not involved and had no idea what was happening.

“It was my child, but I don’t think I am at liberty to talk about it because the court case is in process,” she told The Daily Beast. “I’m not opposed to the truth coming out, but I don’t want to jeopardize the case.”

Shelley did not specify whether or not the alleged victim was one of the adoptees or a biological child.

Clay operated his ministry, the Apparent Project, with a stated goal of “building future leaders in Haiti,” alongside a tattoo and body piercing parlor in Port-au-Prince. He parted ways with the organization in 2013, according to Shelley. Clay remains detained in a Pennsylvania lockup pending a court hearing on Mar. 15.

Both devout Christians, Corrigan and Shelley Jean Clay left Washington State and headed to Haiti in 2008. There, they took jobs as “house parents” at an orphanage, where they were in charge of 25 boys ranging in age from 7 to 17. After a year or so, the couple began a workshop that taught locals how to earn money by making jewelry and handicrafts.

Their products were sold locally and in partnerships with large companies abroad, including the Gap, Donna Karan, and Macy’s. The project boasted celebrity clients such as Oprah Winfrey, Ben Stiller, and Kim Kardashian, according to Clay.

“Currently, in addition to teaching adults, they are sponsoring classes for children, offering lunch-time ‘parties’ to feed street kids, and offering food and in some instances shelter to those with little to nothing to call their own,” an arts blogger wrote of the Clays in 2010.

By 2016, the couple’s “desire to continue their care increased,” and they opened the “AP Preschool,” according to the post.

“The year was a success, and in 2017, we added our AP Kindergarten,” it explains. “The goal is to grow with our AP children by adding a class to our school each year! And… to provide quality education, along with character development based on Biblical principles! We are working to raise leaders who will be able to bring positive change to their world!”

By this time, Clay had already been abusing his victim for roughly three years, according to the feds.

Clay and his then-wife launched the nonprofit Apparent Project with an inheritance Clay received from his late father, who died in a plane crash in 2003.

The two had “struggled with fertility issues for years and had decided that if they were going to add to their family, they may as well adopt from a country where thousands of children are abandoned each year,” according to a 2012 profile of the couple in the Deseret News. “Because Haiti requires a two year wait for international adoptions, Clay decided to move into the orphanage where her future son lived.”

They bought a house in Port-au-Prince, “began collecting garbage from the streets,” the profile explains, and the Apparent Project soon started to take shape.

Once they got established, Clay began working on a documentary about Haitian children living in slavery.

“Abandoned by their parents, most work as indentured servants for family members, but some end up in the sex trade,” explained the Deseret profile.

Clay, who earned a degree in visual arts at Seattle Pacific University, a private Christian liberal arts school, was also building his tattooing and body art business, called Ayiti Ink.

“Corrigan enjoys training amature [sic] and professional artists in multiple mediums,” his shop’s still-live website says. “He is currently establishing an apprenticeship course for Haitian tattoo artists to raise the national standards for health, safety, and artistic

excellence. He strives to change the negative cultural stigma of the tattoo art form in Haiti by focusing on positive subject matter, beautiful composition, and demanding integrity and ethical business practices from those he trains.”

The site now carries a disclaimer at the bottom, reading: “We are no longer based in Haiti.”

As of late December, the Apparent Project said it employed 25 Haitian teachers and support staff, had enrolled 70-plus Haitian children in its school, had more than 25 teens and adults participating in job training programs, and had enlisted a software engineer to teach Haitians how to code.

“From my experience in the past decade… Haitians have always welcomed prayer,” current executive director Marilyn Monaghan wrote in a blog post. “They have always cried out to God. They still do. I’ve seen their cries of desperation. But now I often see joy & gratitude in their times of prayer & worship! They are experiencing a new life! The seeds ‘you’ sowed into their lives are producing good ‘stuff’ in their hearts & is evident in their daily lives! Their lives have changed.”

Officials with the Apparent Project, which is still registered as a 501(c)3 and has brought in annual donations as high as $715,000, according to tax records, did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment.

Clay’s lawyer, William H. Difenderfer, was out of the office on Friday afternoon and unavailable to comment, his assistant said.

If convicted, Clay faces up to 30 years in federal prison.

The Clintons, Laura Silsby, Haiti, Amber Alerts & Human Trafficking


SEPTEMBER 28, 2020

There is no doubt that Bill and Hillary Clinton are at the center of a major human trafficking ring, including sex trafficking. But how many remember a woman by the name of Laura Silsby? Silsby, now known as Laura Silsby-Gayler was jailed for the kidnapping of 33 children in Haiti and eventually wound up working for the company that put out Amber Alerts, which were said to be notifications to warn of children who were missing or kidnapped. However, she was provided assistance by none other than Bill and Hillary Clinton.

For some background on Silsby-Gayler, William Craddick at Disobedient Media documents not only what Silsby-Gayler did, but how the Clintons were involved and how the media was used to cover it up.

Craddick writes:

Contrary to reports in the media, the crowd sourced investigation labeled by some as “Pizzagate” did not begin with internet sleuths digging through the Wikileaks Podesta Files releases looking for pizza parlors and encoded language discussing human trafficking. It began with the shocking discovery that Hillary and Bill Clinton provided assistance to convicted child trafficker, Laura Silsby, resulting in a reduced sentence for child trafficking.

Silsby was arrested at the Haitian border attempting to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti without documentation. Her sentence and charges were reduced after an intervention by Bill Clinton. In the aftermath of Silsby’s arrest, her originally retained lawyer Jorge Puello was arrested in connection with an international smuggling ring accused of trafficking women and minors from Central America and Haiti. The revelation of this news in November was either ignored by the Western media or attacked by Clinton controlled publications.

I. Hillary Clinton Intervened Politically on Behalf of Laura Silsby

Laura Silsby is the former director of The New Life Children’s Refuge. Emails from her organization can be found in Wikileaks’ Hillary Clinton Email Archive discussing the NGO before her arrest. Silsby’s organization also appears in Clinton’s emails, soliciting donations for their “ministry.” The Refuge was founded by Silsby and Charisa Coulter, both attendees of the Central Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho. Silsby was reported to have a history of bad debts and unpaid wages.

Laura had claimed she planned to build an orphanage in the Dominican Republic, but a State Department diplomatic cable revealed that authorities in the country said she never submitted an application for this purpose. They instead located to Haiti.

On January 29, 2010, Silsby was arrested with nine other American nationals attempting to steal 33 children from the country, most of whom were not even orphans and had families according to some reports. CNN reported on February 9, 2010 that this was not the first time Silsby had attempted to traffic children out of Haiti. Haitian police acting on a tip had intercepted Silsby in an earlier, separate attempt to remove 40 children out of the country. She was turned back at the Haitian border. For a brief period, Haitian authorities were considering adding a new kidnapping charge based on this evidence.

Hillary and Bill Clinton took an extraordinary interest in Silsby’s case from the moment she was arrested and almost immediately stepped in on her behalf. The Harvard Human Rights Journal stated that one of Bill Clinton’s first acts as special envoy for the United Nations in Haiti “was to put out the fire of a child abduction scandal involving American citizens.” On February 7th, 2010, The Sunday Times reported that Bill Clinton had intervened to strike a deal with the Haitian government, securing the release of all co-conspirators except for Silsby. Prosecutors ultimately sought a six-month sentence in Silsby’s case, reducing charges for conspiracy and child abduction to mere “arranging irregular travel.” A shockingly light penalty given the circumstances of her arrest, which would likely not have been possible but for the intervention of the Clintons in Silsby’s case.

On February 9th, 2010 Hillary Clinton consulted with Counselor Cheryl Mills and other attorneys in an email discussing the U.S. Government’s “options” regarding the arrested Americans. The heavily redacted memo attached to that email does not reveal what these “options” consisted of. However, the State Department’s American Citizens Services is only authorized to offer lists of local, English speaking attorneys to Americans arrested or detained abroad. To go beyond that authorization is a severe violation of protocol and is illegal. Additional emails reveal that the State Department was involved with making statements on the Silsby scandal and preparing to assist Silsby’s co-conspirators with their return to the United States, although this is consistent with State Department protocol in these situations.

II. Silsby’s Lawyer and His Wife Were Both Arrested For Involvement in Human Sex Trafficking of Minors and Women

On February 11th, the New York Times reported that Silsby’s original lawyer, Jorge Puello, was suspected of leading an international human trafficking ring involving women and minors. According the the Harvard Human Rights Journal, Puello was ultimately arrested in an investigation being lead by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in connection with the ring. He was wanted in the United States, El Salvador and Costa Rica for his involvement with a network trafficking Central Americans and Haitians.

At the time of his arrest, his wife was already imprisoned in El Salvador and “faced charges of presumed sexual exploitation of minors and women.” Puello was ultimately sentenced to three years in federal prison for “alien smuggling.” Another surprisingly light sentence given the original charges he was sought for. It it not known at this time whether or not Laura Silsby was associated with Puello’s criminal enterprise.

III. The Daily Beast Engaged in an Illicit Cover Up Operation of the Above Information

On November 3rd, 2016, this author made a post to Reddit containing preliminary research and information on the above story. The post was made to the pro-Trump subreddit r/the_donald due to the forum’s reputation as the only outlet on Reddit where news was not being censored during the U.S. Presidential Election. The same day, Wikileaks tweeted a link to the Reddit post labeling it as a “significant, if partisan, find.”

On November 4th, 2016 The Daily Beast wrote a non-factual and intentionally misleading article covering the Clinton-Silsby scandal. They accused Wikileaks of publicizing a “Reddit conspiracy theory” which was “riddled with incorrect information.” The author, Ben Collins neglected to do basic research on the totality of the links presented in the post as evidence. Mr. Collins attacked the policies of r/the_donald towards freedom of speech and accused the forum of being racist without citing extensive or definitive proof. At no point did The Daily Beast provide proof that the allegations were not true, and did not disprove any of the evidence submitted. A link to an extensive study of the case by the Harvard Human Rights Journal which clearly linked Bill Clinton to the scandal was totally ignored. They similarly failed to acknowledge or address emails published by Wikileaks between Hillary Clinton and her legal counsel which may potentially indicate that she violated State Department policy for the treatment of U.S. citizens arrested or detained abroad.

The Daily Beast is a holding of American media conglomerate InterActiveCorp. Chelsea Clinton, Vice President of the Clinton Foundation and daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton, sits on InterActiveCorp’s Board of Directors. The proximity of the Clinton family to the organization responsible for oversight and direction of The Daily Beast raises questions about the publication’s journalistic independence and their commitment to factual and ethical reporting on current events and topics of public interest. Given their slanderous and incorrect reporting on the Clinton-Silsby scandal, it seems clear that they do not hold these values in high regard.

Since her release from detention in Haiti, Laura Silsby has returned to Idaho. In 2015, she married and took the last name Gayler. Silsby is currently employed by software company AlertSense as their Vice President of Marketing. AlertSense works with the Federal Government on FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS). One of IPAWS functions is to issue Amber Alerts during kidnapping events.

Update: It appears that since the time of publication, Laura Silsby-Gayler is no longer listed as a member of Alert Sense’s Leadership Team.

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