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Online Predator Fooled By Uintah County Police

Posted by Travis Uresk | Aug 30th, 2022 | Internet Sex Crimes |

By Travis Uresk

August 30th, 2022

Vernal, Ut.- Austin Heath was in court today for attempting to have sex with what he thought was a 13-year-old female.

On 6/15/21, Uintah County Detectives began an investigation into an online chat app, "Kik." A Uintah County Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) investigator was messaged by Austin, going by the name "A." Even though Austin knew the profile was a 13-year-old female, he brought up sexual topics.

Austin told the fake 13-year-old female he would travel to Vernal and rent a motel room so they would have more privacy. Austin told the ICAC investigator they could try different sexual acts when he arrived in Vernal. He also requested to take nude photographs and videos of the sex acts.

Heath spoke of buying the 13-year-old new clothing for her to wear and had bought her a tablet for future chats. Austin said he would bring a sex toy and lubricant because it was her first time.

Austin drove to Vernal, Ut. On 6/18/21 and arranged a meeting location with the female. When Austin arrived, he was arrested by the ICAC task force and taken to the Uintah County Jail. When interviewed, he said he was actually glad he got caught before something happened with the minor.

Austin Heath moved to Eagle Mountain, Utah, two weeks before this incident from Allen Town, Pennsylvania.

Austin was not released from jail because he would constitute a substantial danger to another individual or the community or is likely to flee the court's jurisdiction if released on bail.


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