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Man refuses to be admitted to the hospital. While family drives away, he holds onto car door

By Travis Uresk 1Nationjustice


Vernal, Ut.- On 9/17/23, at around 10:00 pm, Sgt. Watt and other Vernal Police Officers were called to respond to a welfare check at 200 North Venal Ave. The initial call was from the family of 28-year-old Jaydyn F. Bartlett, who called to report he was on drugs.

It was reported that Jaydyn left the hospital after refusing to be admitted. He was believed to be using methamphetamine and pain medication. At the hospital, the family started driving away while Jadyn held onto the car door until he tripped and fell.

The family members returned to check on Jadyn, but he was no longer there. He was described as wearing a maroon or pinkish long-sleeve shirt, a dark hat, and blue jeans. The family wanted a welfare check on him and believed he might be going back to his mother's house across town.

While Sgt. Watt was driving to where Jadyn was last seen at 200 North Vernal Ave., dispatch received another call from the clerk at 7-Eleven at 100 North Vernal Ave. The clerk reported that a male who matched the same description as Jadyn was outside the store trying to start a fight with someone, and he also pushed another customer inside the store.

Officer White was with Jadyn outside the store, talking to him while the other person possibly involved was inside the store. Sgt. Watt had Jadyn walk over to the north side of the store, where he spoke to him about what was happening. Jadyn commented that he was trying to protect his mother, sister, and family, saying something about the person inside supplying his mother and sister with drugs.

Jadyn talked about being at the hospital and how he might have pushed the guy still in the store. Jadyn's story was all over the place and hard to follow. He was excited about things and upset, saying the man supplies drugs. His demeanor was up and down, and he appeared to be under the influence of something, though he did not appear to have been drinking.

As Jadyn's story about what he supposedly did to the other person, Sgt. Watt felt that his demeanor seemed more unpredictable, so Sgt. Watt detained him in handcuffs. He was placed in Officer Ross' patrol vehicle and noticed that he had a couple of packages of Mento's candy in his pocket. He made reference to wanting some blue Mentos, which he later stated were blue M30 pills, which are fentanyl that are made to look like OxyContin pills.

Sgt. Watt learned that the man Jadyn was trying to fight and whom Jadyn was accusing of being a drug dealer and cartel member was a Mexican man who did not even know who Jadyn was and did not speak any English. According to the man and the 7-Eleven clerk, Jadyn purchased the Mentos as the man entered the store. Jadyn then started calling him to a fight, and the clerk told him to stop and leave and take it off the property. Jadyn yelled at the man from across the store and went outside but returned a couple of times.

When the man was at the register paying for his merchandise, Jadyn returned to the store, walked up to the man, and body-pushed him while threatening to harm him. The man was pushed against some items on the counter, which caused a bottle of water to be pushed off of the back of the counter. The clerk then called the police. Sgt. Watt reviewed video surveillance of the incident and confirmed what had been reported by the clerk.

Officer Roth transported Jadyn to the jail, where he admitted to Officer Roth that he had consumed drugs that morning. At the jail, he walked in and was being complaint for a minute. He sat down on a chair where the Corrections Deputies started searching and removing the handcuffs. After Jadyn sat down, he stood back up, and one of the Deputies told him to sit down, but Jadyn refused. The Corrections Deputies quickly grabbed Jadyn and had to carry him to a holding cell, where he was still resisting them.

Before I went to the jail to do the paperwork, Sgt. Watt spoke with Jadyn's family members, who stated that earlier that day, he went to the hospital at about 13:00 hours voluntarily to try and get some help from detoxing. He was in jail for over 7 hours before he left and refused to be admitted. Sgt. Watt was informed that Jadyn's actions at the hospital were what he becomes like when detoxing off drugs. Drug use was believed to enhance his mental condition, though he has no mental health conditions. The family also asked that he remain in jail due to Jadyn's actions when detoxing.

In the cell, he was put on the ground, where it took 5 Deputies to hold him down while they searched him, removed his shoes and excess clothing, and removed the handcuffs. During this process, Jadyn continued to fight and kick and thrash around. One of the Corrections Deputies who was assisting in restraining Jadyn during this process was kicked several times as Jadyn continued to try and assault them.

During this process, Jadyn continued to fight and kick and thrash around. One of the Corrections Deputies assisting in restraining Jadyn during this process was kicked several times as Jadyn tried to assault them. Once the handcuffs were removed, the Deputies were able to exit the holding cell and secure him inside. Jadyn then started hitting the doors and walls for the next few hours. He also began picking scabs on his arms but also picking what appeared to be new wounds, causing him to bleed from the injuries.

Based on the above information, Jadyn Bartlett was booked into the Uintah County Jail and charged with Disorderly Conduct, Intoxication, and Assault by a Prisoner.

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Sep 23, 2023

Ok.... I have a question, actually a couple 😁.

Detoxing at the hospital... 7 hrs.. he must have started acting up while there... Is there no facility here for the hospital to call and / or the police then.

THEN.... Family CONTINUES driving while he is holding on he trips and tumbels AND THEY KEEP DRIVING...AGAIN no one calls the police at that time. His family did not even bother to stop to see if he was ok, they get far enough away that by the time they go back.. HE IS GONE... well DUH!!!

If his actions were that bad family should have called WAY before they actually did.... Wait.. the family called, right ? BEFORE 7-11 or anyone??

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