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Man makes threatening comments to the victim, stating, "If he saw her, he would slit her throat."


Vernal, Ut.- On 9/9/23, Officer O'Donnal was called to keep the peace in Vernal. When he was advised that a complainant said his friend needed to get her phone and other items out of the house.

The complainant advised that 34-year-old Levi Don Thatcher was over there he was angry and wanted a “keep the peace” to collect the items.

Upon Officer O'Donnal's arrival, and as the Officer began to exit his vehicle, he could hear one of the females, later to be determined as a witness stating something to the effect of "He fucking socked you and pushed you out the door, and the whole house is trashed."

While the witness was stating this, the other female, who was later determined to be the victim, stated, "It didn't matter what he did; I'm not pressing charges." "I just want to get my stuff and leave."

Officer O’Donnal explained to the victim that he needed to investigate further due to the statements made and a potential domestic disturbance.

The victim reported that Levi had "socked" her outside their front door, and she didn't know what the inside of her house looked like but believed it was "fucked up." The victim also stated that Levi called her a whore.

The victim further explained that Levi had gone through her cell phone and found out she had been talking to another individual. The victim stated that she believed this incident happened around 10:00 p.m.

The witness and the victim both stated that Levi might have a gun and is suicidal. The victim was also unsure where he possibly was and that she had previously had to hide a firearm from him.

A building sweep of the home was conducted to locate the male. During the sweep, Officer O'Donnal found several damaged walls inside the house, glass everywhere, and several dressers completely destroyed. There were several hangers broken, door handles broken, kitchen dining set chairs broken, and a mirror shattered, along with a shower door completely removed. The house appeared to be completely trashed due to Levi's actions.

Officer O'Donnal read text messages between the victim and Levi and learned that Levi threatened to burn the house down and kill himself.

The following are text messages from Levi:

"Don't ever show your face around me again; i'll fucking kill you."

"I fucking hate your guts. Don't expect a thing from me; you want Adam to take him n stay the fuck out of my life, you skank. I knew you were doing me like torm lying ass bitch you only know dick not love fuck you."

"I wish I could say I love you and you're kids. I've never been anything to you fuck; I'm dead, now I know I can die goodbye" "Skank ass bitch" "Skank ass bitch", "Where the fucks the gun" "Lie some more bitch", "Burn in hell u skank ass hoe see you again ill slit ur fucking throat," "Ur nothing but a no good skank ass bitch I gave you my all n got nothing. Still, my wife fucking another man fuck you," "Drunk ass whore"," if my son wasn't in that home id burn it to the ground just to hear you scream."

An assisting Officer located Levi hiding outside between a car and a motorcycle. Levi refused to comply with orders and had to be dragged out to be secured in handcuffs. Levi was then transported to the Uintah County Jail.

An assisting Officer located Levi hiding outside between a car and a motorcycle. Levi refused to comply with orders and had to be dragged out to be secured in handcuffs. Levi was then transported to the Uintah County Jail.

Upon arrival, Officer O'Donnal requested to speak with him, too, to which he agreed. The Officer read Levi his rights per Miranda; Levi acknowledged what he had done and admitted to pushing the victim; however, he denied punching her in the face, stating that if he had punched her in the face, she would have looked like the inside of his house. Levi stated he got upset at the victim after finding out she had been cheating on him and that he had destroyed the house. Officer O'Donnal, asked Levi how much property he damaged in value. Levi estimated that in the bedroom alone, it was around $4,000.00.

After going through the house with the victim, it is estimated that Levi damaged more than $5,000.00 worth of housing items and the house's structure.

Based on two prior Domestic Violence convictions in 2019, the charge of assault was enhanced to a 3rd Degree Felony.

While speaking with Levi, Officer O'Donnal noted the presence of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his presence. Levi submitted to a portable breath test and showed positive for alcohol (BrAC .109).


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