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Man arrested for aggravated arson


Duchesne County, Ut.- On 1/16/24, Deputy Weekes was dispatched to a house fire, and when he arrived, he found the victim trying to put the fire out on a woodpile on the porch.

When speaking with the victim, he stated that his friend, 37-year-old Corbat Glenn Stubbs, had set the fire on purpose. The following is a synopsis of events told by the victim.

Corbat had been staying with the victim for a while, and during the stay, Corbat borrowed some firewood from the victim. Corbat then left the residence, and the victim didn't see him for an extended period of time.

On 1/16/24, Corbat returned to the residence and loaded some of his personal items onto a trailer, including a large auxiliary fuel tank containing diesel fuel. The victim and his girlfriend were inside the residence when the victim went outside and told Corbat that he owed him money for borrowing the firewood.

Corbat started a verbal altercation with the victim and then lunged and swung at the victim. The victim defended himself against the attack. During the scuffle, Corbat bit the victim on the arm, leaving a substantial bite mark. The victim disengaged with Corbat and told him to load his belongings and leave. The victim went back inside the residence.

A few minutes later, the victim heard what he described as a "popping and crackling" sound like a fire. The victim said he didn't think he had a fire going, so he checked his wood-burning stove and found no fire.

The victim stepped out the door and saw Corbat leaving, and his wood pile on the porch was engulfed in flames. The area of the fire was in the same location where Corbat was loading his belongings.

The victim grabbed a garden hose and sprayed the fire while his girlfriend called 911. The victim's neighbor was outside and saw Corbat leaving and the victim trying to put out a fire. The neighbor went to help the victim.

Law enforcement searched the area, attempting to locate Corbat that night. After speaking with Corbat's ex-girlfriend, Corbat called into dispatch and asked why the police were trying to find him.

Deputy Weekes attempted to call Corbat several times but avoided his calls.

The deputy finally reached him later, and Corbat stated he was back at his residence in Provo. He did confirm he had been at the victim's house during the time frame in question and confirmed that there had been an altercation.

Deputy Weekes asked Corbat to come in for an interview to get his side of the story and collect a written statement from him. Corbat said he would come to the police department in the next couple of days.

Corbat has demonstrated a propensity for violence, including actions that were likely to produce the death of another. According to the affidavit, Corbat also lives outside the area and has avoided contact with officers regarding the incident.


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