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Man Accused Of Sexual Abuse Of A Child Goes To Court On 1/30/23

Posted by Travis Uresk | Jan. 29th, 2023 | Sexual Abuse Of A Child |

By Travis Uresk


Myton, Ut.- On 06/18/2021, At 4:00 pm Officer Reilley was contacted by Deputy Hunter regarding a child abuse incident. Officer Reilley contacted Deputy Hunter and arranged with the mother and victim to be interviewed at the Children's Justice Center in Roosevelt, Utah.

On the same date, at approximately 8:30 pm, Officer Reilley met with the Mother and Victim at the CJC. During a Forensic interview, the victim in this incident was a 15-year-old female.

She disclosed to Officer Reilley that she was at a home in Myton, Duchesne County, Utah, approximately a year ago. The victim’s relative, Jacob Kimball Bates, a 19-year-old male date of birth April 23, 2002, grabbed her and made her sit on his lap in her cousin's bedroom located at the residence.

She disclosed that while he was sitting down on a chair, he wrapped his legs around her and held her with one of his arms, and with the other arm, he rubbed her belly under the shirt and grabbed her chest multiple times over the shirt. She said he stated 'squishy' several times while he grabbed her chest and forcibly held her on his lap.

The victim also disclosed that within days of this past incident, Jacob Kimball Bates again grabbed her and put her on his lap at a relative's residence in Myton, Duchesne County, Utah. The victim disclosed that Jacob Bates put her on his lap and moved back and forth with his hips and her butt.

She stated that she had shorts on, and he had his pants on at the time. She also disclosed that he again grabbed her chest multiple times. She said she was scared to say anything to anyone because she didn't want to get in trouble.

The victim disclosed to Officer Reilley that on multiple occasions, she was unclear how many times it happened over the past two years and due to the frequency that Jacob Kimball Bates did this to her.

She disclosed to Officer Reilley that she is fearful for her life from him. The victim told Officer Reilley that multiple other times that occurrences have happened in Ballard City, Uintah County as well.

She disclosed that on one occasion, when he was released from the Uintah County Jail, he took a towel and choked her around her neck, causing her to be fearful for her life from him.

On the same date, at approximately 10:00 pm, Officer Reilley went to the residence that Jacob Kimball Bates is currently living at, 2350 East Highway 40, and made contact with him.

Officer Reilley told Jacob his Miranda rights and told the Deputy he wanted an attorney before he spoke with him. No more questions were asked of Jacob Bates.

Jacob Bates was informed that he was under arrest for Forcibly Sexual Abuse charges and then taken to the Duchesne County Jail.

Officer Reilley's Statement: Jacob Kimball Bates has no birth certificate, identification card, or driver's license. He will be charged with two counts of Forcibly Sexual Abuse F2. This case will be forwarded to Uintah County Sheriff's Office for further charges from their Jurisdiction.

Jacob Kimball Bates is a clear danger to the victim in this incident. The victim and the family are fearful of Jacob due to this incident. He is also a clear danger to the community due to his sexual behavior. A no-bail for Jacob Kimball Bates is requested for the victim's safety and his own safety as well.


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