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Duchesne County Sheriff’s Office Search And Locate A Wanted Man In Hanna, Ut.


Hanna—On March 26th, 2024, Deputy Cox went to Hanna, Utah, looking for a wanted man, 28-year-old Timber Joseph Wold.

Timber has two statewide warrants out for his arrest and is currently on probation. His probation officer advised Deputy Cox that he had been looking for Timber, and he hasn’t been checking in.

When Deputy Cox arrived at the residence, a female answered the door and said Timber was at work "Up the road."

The deputy started driving westbound on SR35 and saw a white pickup. He positively identified the driver as Timber Wold, who also has a suspended driver's license. Deputy Cox initiated a traffic stop in front of his residence.

The deputy advised Timber of the reason for the stop and had him exit his truck to speak with Lt Hargis. Timber was asked if he had anything illegal inside the vehicle, and he stated he had something on the floor under the front seat.

Deputy Green and Deputy Cox began to search Timber's truck and located a pouch with coins and a homemade pipe made out of a prescription bottle with methamphetamine residue. There was an orange pouch in the center console with a glass pipe with burnt methamphetamine residue and a small clear baggie in the back seat with meth.

Deputy Green found a blue straw with white residue, a tooter pipe with a white crystal substance, a small yellow container with a white crystal substance, and a small clear container with white residue in a backpack sitting on the backseat.

During the search, the deputies noticed a license plate on the front seat. Timber stated that he recently purchased the truck but has not registered or obtained insurance for the vehicle. Timber was then placed under arrest for his two statewide warrants, possession of controlled substance meth, drug paraphernalia, driving on a suspended license, and operating a vehicle without insurance.

Timber was then transported and booked into the Duchesne County Jail. A criminal history check was conducted and found that Timber has two prior drug convictions within the last seven years. His current drug offense is a felony.


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