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Duchesne County Man Arrested For Sexual Abuse Of A Child


On 9/14/23, Roosevelt City Police received a CANR from The Division of Child and Family Services for a sexual abuse case. The information advised a 12-year-old child had been sexually abused by someone of trust.

The child was interviewed on 9/21/23 at the Children's Justice Center in Roosevelt. The child stated that 36-year-old Justin Lynn Walker would put him to bed, lay next to him, and touch the child inappropriately. This would also happen when they would shower together.

The child said this happened when he was ten and ended when he was eleven. This would happen once or twice a week inside Roosevelt City Limits.

Justin was interviewed on 10/18/23 at the Roosevelt City Police Department. He was given a copy of his rights, which he signed and understood. Jared was willing to speak with the Detective.

Justin stated the child had difficulty sleeping at night, and he and his wife would take turns helping the child get to or get back to sleep. Justin admitted he went into the child's room to do this.

Justin said he would sometimes shower with the young child when they lived together and that the last time he showered with the child was when the child was around ten years old.

Justin was charged with sexual abuse of a child while in the shower and sexual abuse of a child while in the bedroom. Both are first-degree felonies.

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