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Duchesne County Man Arrested For Making Threats Toward Two People In The Duchesne Co. Sheriff’s Off.

By Travis Uresk - 11/10/23

Duchesne, Ut. - On 11/3/23, an officer was dispatched to the Duchesne County Sheriff's Office on a report of a threatening detail. When the Officer arrived, he spoke with two victims and listened to Shaune Underwood's court hearing inside the courtroom.

Victim 1 stated they were standing by the vehicle's passenger side just after the court hearing when Shaune's truck pulled up with the window down. Victim 1 said the driver was an older male sitting next to Maria Underwood, and when they drove by, the victims were flipped off, and then the male put his fingers into a gun gesture and acted like he was shooting at the victim's twice, and mouthed the words "You're dead."

Victim 2 stated she said some of her family was standing by her SUV after the court hearing, and a man drove by slowly and flipped them off, then made a gun gesture with his hand, made two "Pow pow" sounds, and drove away.

There were also two witnesses, with the two victims standing in the parking lot when the male drove by. The witnesses provided statements confirming what they had seen the male do. They had also seen him mouth the words "You're dead."

The Officer reviewed the surveillance footage from the 8th District Court Duchesne building and saw an older white male sitting by Maria Underwood wearing a long white and purple shirt and blue jeans. This male was later identified as 70-year-old Paul Ernest Roberts.

On the surveillance footage, Paul leaves the courtroom, exits the courthouse, and enters Shaune's blue truck. Paul is the only one in the truck as he leaves the parking lot. Paul can be seen driving slowly past where the victims are standing.

Maria was contacted at her home, and it was learned the older male sitting by her in the courtroom was Paul Roberts. The police were informed that Paul was at his residence, so they went there to speak with him.

Paul stated he was in Shaune's court hearing on 11/3/23 and was very upset because Shaune was his best friend. Paul said he drove Shaune's truck home, and as he was leaving the parking lot, he was passing the group, and they were grinning at him, so he pointed at them and said no, no.

Paul said he might have flipped them off but denied ever pointing a finger gun at them or making a threat toward them. Paul was shown a photograph that was collected of the white male in the courtroom wearing a long-sleeved white and purple shirt and blue jeans, and Paul confirmed that it was him.

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