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Duchesne County Man Arrested For Child Pornography

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Posted by Travis Uresk | Dec. 8th, 2022 | Child Pornography |

By Travis Uresk


On Monday, July 11th, 2022, a social media company filed a Cyber Tipline report with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) regarding an account that uploaded and distributed suspected child pornography to the platform.

An IP address was captured for the reported account, and the report was forwarded to the Utah Attorney General's Office - ICAC Task Force.

Under several search warrants and court orders, the owner of the reported account was from 23-year-old Christopher Jacob Manning, who resides in the Duchesne County, Utah area.

ICAC investigators confirmed the suspected files reported to NCMEC.

On November 29, 2022, the ICAC Task Force executed a residential search warrant at the reported Duchesne County residence.

Contact was made with Christopher Post Miranda Warning. Christopher admitted to owning the reported social media account and the associated email address.

Manning admitted to sending and receiving child pornography on the social media platform. Christopher admitted to saving the child pornography that he would obtain on his Samsung Phone.

Christopher was given his Miranda rights and stated he wanted to talk with investigators about this incident. During the interview, he admitted to being aroused by the child pornography he would obtain.

He also admitted to viewing child pornography since the early 2020s. Manning admitted to last viewing child pornography a few weeks ago. Christopher was cooperative but elusive during an interview.

The following description serves as a sample of the large amount of child pornography on Christopher's account. Kik provided eight video files and one pdf file.

Christopher Jacob Manning served an LDS Mission

Officer Reilley viewed the video titled 83010f6c-0567-4344-a330-435e98fa03c6.mp4 and found that it showed a prepubescent female (Approximately five years old) lying on her stomach bent over a couch with the lower half of her body completely nude. She is holding what appears to be a binky in her right hand. A male that seems to be an adult is also in the video standing behind the little girl. The hairy belly of the man and his male member is also shown in the video. The male is sodomizing the child in the video.

Christopher Jacob Manning was booked into the Duchesne County Jail on eight counts of F2- Sexual Exploitation of a Minor.

Christopher admitted to owning the reported social media account (and associated email), which uploaded and distributed child pornography.

"Don't forget there is a difference between bad choices and bad people." A quote from Christopher Manning with this attached to it

9 commentaires

23 janv. 2023

The fact his bail was 25$ and they had him dead to rights with hard evidence of what he did and even a confession is ridiculous. But yet other people get arrested and pay thousands in bail for unproven crimes with little to no evidence. This county police department is a joke.


08 janv. 2023

Travis Urisk why on earth do you need to give details of the images or video? This is just as disturbing as the criminal acts itself


05 janv. 2023

Why the focus on his religion? If his church wasn't involved somehow (For example if the crimes happen on church property or while he was serving as a missionary) then his religious affiliation is irrelevant. Stick with the photo of his Twitter alias and maybe include a mug shot, but leave innocent parties out of it.


04 janv. 2023

We will see how this goes! He is a missionary so I’m sure the LDS will get involved and take over the case. Just another pedophile to add to their growing list.

06 mars 2023
En réponse à

Stfu…name one group of people or one religion without these kinds of people. this has nothing to do with his religion or yours.


02 janv. 2023

Damn this sexual deviant was released from jail like he didn't commit a crime against a humanbeing.

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