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Daggett County man arrested for assault and violation of a protective order


Manila, Ut. At around 10:00 am on 12/15/23, DCSO was called to the Sinclair in Manila. The call was in reference to a welfare check on a female who was reported in a domestic violence situation.

When Deputy Isaacson arrived at the gas station, he found the female, and she told him about an incident at her Grandparent's house on Bearpaw Lane.

The female was transported to a safe location and interviewed.

On the night of 12/14/23, the victim found out that 38-year-old Kashon Raymond Grow had an affair. During the argument, Kashon grabbed her phone and made it to where she wasn't able to use it, then hid it from her.

Kashon had restrained her from leaving and showed the Deputy her left arm inside her bicep, where a newer singular bruise was. She was also complaining of pain in her wrist and thumb area. The victim reported the altercation got bad enough that the Grandparents intervened and broke it up.

It was the morning of the 15th when the victim packed her items, and Kashon gave her a ride to the Sinclair. During the ride, Kashon grabbed her phone and took it. When he did this, he pulled out a handful of her hair. She stated he started driving erratically and at high speeds.

It was verified that Kashon had a protective order served on him. Isaacson located Kashon and transported him to the Uintah County Jail.

On the way to jail, Kashon was read his Miranda Rights and consented to talk with the Deputy. He acknowledged the verbal argument from the night before, and he reported that the argument was because of adultery and the phone issue was part of their argument but denied taking the victim's phone or locking it so that she couldn't use it.

He denied any issues when he took the victim to the gas station other than they continued to argue. Kashon did admit that he wouldn't let her out unless she gave him the phone back that she had gotten from him.

On 12/20/23, at approximately 9:40 am, Cpl Van Leuven and Sgt Boren listened to a phone call that Inmate Kashon Grow violated his protective order by asking an unknown party to contact his wife, who is the victim on the protective order.

Deputy Borba was asked to investigate and found that Inmate Grow made several phone calls on three different occasions to an individual identified as his Grandparents by him during the call, as well as the number matching his Grandmothers the jail has on file.

Deputy Borba heard Inmate Grow state on three different occasions for his Grandparents to try contacting the victim's cousin to get a hold of the victim for him. The Deputy also discovered while listening to Inmate Grow on the phone telling his Grandparents not to cooperate with the police and told them to say, "I don't have anything to say." when the police call.

Deputy Borba charged Inmate Grow with tampering with a witness on another case involving assault and violating his protective order against his wife.

Manila, Ut.


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